Feral Thug Shoots Army Vet, Gets Shocking Surprise From Him 15-Mths Later

Feral Thug Shoots Army Vet, Gets Shocking Surprise From Him 15-Mths Later
Army veteran Chris Sanna (left), Kilwa Jones (right)

While leaving a Cardinals game, Army veteran Chris Sanna and his girlfriend were robbed en route to their car, and it ended up with the veteran being shot twice by one of the thugs who then left him there for dead. Although he survived, he was left paralyzed, and now 15 months after the attack he hunted down his would-be killer with a shocking surprise.

Sanna, who is from Houston, Texas, was in St. Louis for the game as a gift for his mother who said all she wanted for her birthday was to see a Cardinals game with her sons. Her perfect day with her family ended with her son shot.

He will now never walk again after surviving battle for our country, only to find another fight once he was home and retired from the service. However, being in a wheelchair didn’t hold him back from finding Kilwa Jones, who escaped in a black sedan after shooting his liver and lungs.

With it being the season for giving, Sanna had a special gift for Jones who wasn’t expecting it after what he did to this man. The thug was caught for trying to kill him and has already been sentenced to 35 years in federal prison. Knowing he won’t be with his family for Christmas because of what he decided to do, this Army hero wanted to do something special for those who Jones left behind since they too are victims of his despicable decisions.

Feral Thug Shoots Army Vet, Gets Shocking Surprise From Him 15-Mths Later
Sanna in the military (left), Sanna after the shooting (right) who is now paralyzed for life

“They’re going to have to go visit him in jail, and he probably wishes that night never happened just like I do,” Sanna said, according to KMOV. With a heart of gratitude for being alive and forgiveness for the thug who put him in a wheelchair, Sanna provided Christmas for his would-be killer’s family out of the kindness of his own heart.

“We’re supposed to get together, I got them gift cards and stuff for Christmas, we’re just trying to get the trial and stuff out of the way,” Sanna said, downplaying the incredible act of generosity he showed in his actions. It’s one thing to provide a family with gifts, but it takes a hero like this, with immense character, to shower the family of the man who shot him with gifts, rather than vindication. Leave it to a veteran to take a bullet and still give back.

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