Feral Thugs Assault Man In His Home, His Girlfriend Gives Them Brutal Surprise

Two feral thugs armed with shotguns assaulted a man in his home in South Carolina after forcing their way through the door. Now, the story has gone viral after the victim’s girlfriend gave the thugs a brutal surprise, and rightfully so.

Screenshot from live footage at the scene of the shooting, Charles Shannon Alley (inset) (Photo Credits: WSPA News, Facebook/Brooke Smith)

According to local news source WYFF, the shocking home invasion took place at approximately 3:25 a.m. on Friday, April 6, 2018, at a home on Piney Knob Drive in Gaffney. Police said that 41-year-old Charles Alley and an unidentified accomplice committed an armed home invasion at the residence of Tim Anthony early that morning and got a brutal surprise they never saw coming.

Anthony told a reporter for WHNS that he and his girlfriend had previously gotten into an argument with Alley at a local restaurant before the suspect threatened him. “He said, ‘I know where you live. I’ll be there,’” Anthony told the reporter. Alley was reportedly angry over a car that he had allegedly bought from Anthony a few years ago.

Police said that Alley made good on his nasty threat and went to Anthony’s residence with an accomplice. Both men were armed with shotguns. Anthony later told reporters that Alley also had a strangulation weapon with him. He described it as a “wire string, to choke you or strangle you.”

“I went to crack the door open and they barged, at least two of them, barged through the door and knocked me through the wall,” Anthony said. Despite wearing a mask, Anthony was able to identify Alley during the physical altercation that followed. The two suspects reportedly threatened to harm Anthonys cousin and his girlfriend who were in the residence at the time.

As Anthony struggled with Alley, his girlfriend grabbed a 9 mm handgun and shot Alley in the head. “We tussled to the middle of the living room, and that’s when she fired two shots into him, because it was either him or me,” Anthony said. “If it wasn’t for her doing what she did, I wouldn’t be standing here right now,” Anthony told another reporter from local news station WSPA.

Alley wasn’t the tough guy he thought he was, and this was the last time he would commit such a heinous act. According to Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler, Alley died on the living room floor of Anthony’s residence a short time later. He probably never expected to pay with his life for his violent acts.

Alley was identified on social media by Brooke Smith who claims to be his wife. The following is a screenshot of her comment on the news story from Fox Carolina.

Screenshot of the Facebook post (Photo Credit: Facebook/Fox Carolina)

“According to witness statements Alley knocked on the door of a residence armed with a shotgun at 112 Piney Knob Drive in Gaffney about 3:25 a.m.,” Fowler said. “When a male answered the door, Alley allegedly pushed his way inside and began to fight with the resident while threatening to do harm to another male and female present also present While engaged in the altercation, Alley was allegedly shot in the head by the female resident.”

Investigators said that the unidentified accomplice fled the scene after the shooting. Police also said that it was unlikely that Anthony’s girlfriend would be charged with a crime for shooting Alley and that she acted in self-defense.

This should be an easy case for the district attorney’s office to review when determining if charges should be brought against Anthony’s girlfriend. She had every right to protect her own life and the lives of the two male victims in the residence.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. Three people in Gaffney, South Carolina are still alive because one of them had a firearm and wasn’t afraid to use it. Regardless of how the mainstream media tries to vilify Anthony’s girlfriend for shooting Alley in the head, remember that it was his decision to commit a violent act and he is solely responsible for his own death.

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