Feral Thugs Attack Cop At Game, HORRIFIED As They See Who Else Is In Crowd

Wannabe Thugs Attack Cop At Game, HORRIFIED When They See What’s In Crowd
An Orlando cop was attacked by the thugs while working at a soccer game.

An Orange County Florida deputy was working with the Orlando Police Department at the Orlando City soccer opener when things got dangerously out of hand. Shortly after the game, soccer fans got into a large fight that the officer intended to break up. Unfortunately, the aggressive thugs decided to attack the cop, but the bullies were soon left horrified by who else was spotted in the crowd. That’s when they got what they deserved.

The incident began as a group of New York City FC fans and Orlando fans got into a verbal altercation. When one of the NYC fans began to argue with a cop on the scene, things escalated quickly. The group of thugs began to involve themselves in the disagreement, which quickly turned into a fight.

Like uncivilized monsters, the feral thugs started “striking and choking the deputy,” Orlando Police Lt. Robert Bear explained, according to Orlando Sentinel. However, they quickly regretted their actions towards the lone officer when they spotted who else was nearby – a pack of officers ready to arrest them.

Although the incident is still under investigation, three thugs have since been arrested. The deputy who was attacked was taken to a nearby hospital and reportedly suffered a severe leg injury on account of the unprovoked attack. Luckily, according to Blue Lives Matter, he is expected to make a full recovery, and he has his fellow law enforcement officers to thank for having his six before more damage could be done.

The officer was merely trying to do his job and break-up an argument between fans who were experiencing some heated rivalry. However, things got out of hand because the entitled thugs decided to resort to violence. It’s a shame that it’s come to this in our society.

The anti-police mentality has been allowed to grow, unchecked, for the last eight years, and this is the result. Hopefully, they learned a valuable lesson and will think twice before picking a fight with a police officer again. Lawlessness will not be tolerated anymore, and attacks on our police officers will be handled accordingly. The coddling of criminals is coming to an abrupt end, and law-abiding Americans couldn’t be happier.