VIDEO: Feral Thugs Spot Lone White Boy, Have Little ‘Surprise’ For Him

A shocking video is going viral after a few feral thugs spotted a lone white boy sitting at a table by himself. Without warning, the punks decided to grace the kid with a little “surprise” that he didn’t see coming — but this clip has a twist that the thugs obviously didn’t expect.

[WATCH] Feral Thugs Spot Lone White Boy, Have Little ‘Surprise’ For Him
Images from the viral video (Photo Credit: YouTube)
The incident seemingly took place at a high school somewhere in America as students were sitting in a common area outside. Unfortunately, things would quickly turn to chaos, prompting at least one student to whip out their camera phone to record the entire ordeal.

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For reasons unknown, though many have pointed out in the past that there doesn’t need to be a reason for bullies like this, two thugs decided to target a single white boy after realizing that he was alone. In fact, it seems that everyone around knew what was about to happen as a circle had formed around the boy and cameras were already out and recording.

Just like that, one of the thugs can be seen rushing in and sucker punching the unsuspecting, defenseless boy, who’s sitting at the table by himself. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the first thug’s buddy rushed in to help with the attack, in which the two could be seen dishing out countless blows after the boy curled himself into a ball.

However, it seems that the punks were a little too concerned with their unjustified assault to see what was just behind them. As previously noted, there was a twist that the two feral thugs didn’t see coming.

Come to find out, the white boy actually had a buddy in the crowd, and fortunately for him, the good Samaritans don’t see color as was proven when a black boy rushed in to defend the victim. According to Downtrend, all it took was one well-placed blow on the bully’s chin to get him to back off — but they weren’t about to get off so easy.

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As can be seen in the clip, the victim’s friend wanted to give at least one of the bullies a taste of his own medicine and just kept on swinging. Just as the punks were doing a few moments ago, the good Samaritan unleashed an all-out assault, dishing out blow after blow and causing the attacker to curl into the fetal position.

Of course, we know that bullies are typically cowards who pick on those who they know they can win against, but these guys proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. As soon as someone was willing to stand up for the kid, one was cowering and the other had run away like a little punk.

Fortunately for this victim, he had a good buddy willing to hit back when he couldn’t. In the end, that usually seems to do the trick as cowards like this always want to fight someone who can’t or won’t defend themselves.

When this wannabe tough guy got hit in the face himself, well, he didn’t like being on the receiving end very much. No one likes being hit in the face, but if you’re going to dish it out, you better be willing to take it if things take a turn. One can only imagine the reputation these two punks had after this, and seeing how several people were watching – and some even caught it on video – my guess is they have a few embarrassing nicknames after this.

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It’s nice to see that not everyone is a BLM puppet these days, and some people still have a moral compass. Anyone in need is deserving of help. It’s really just as simple as that. It’s time punks like this learn the lesson they so clearly need.