Finland Defies Outraged Liberals & EU, Slams Muslim Migrants In Massive Way

Finland Defies Outraged Liberals And EU, Slams Muslim Migrants In Massive Way
While the racists on the left believe that anything white or Western is racist, Finland has refused to cave to their delusion of multiculturalism.

With the colossal influx of asylum seekers from Islamic countries flooding the West, Europe has seen a rise in rape, murder, and Sharia enforcement. In an applause-worthy move to not turn out like neighboring countries, Finland has shunned the leftist agenda, implementing a monumental change over the refugee population — and liberals and Muslim migrants could not be more outraged.

In a bid to preserve their culture and freedom, as well as national security and economic stability, Finland has defied the European Union’s strongarming of countries in the refugee crisis. The EU has bullied many nations into taking in more asylum seekers than previously agreed upon, all while refusing to place a cap on the number of applications to be approved. However, Finland is having a David and Goliath moment by standing up to the dictatorial union in a way that could save it from becoming the next rape capital of the world like neighboring Sweden.

Finland has officially announced that it will not only close its borders to asylum seekers from countries it considers not dangerous, it will also be sending back refugees it’s taken in from those same Islamic nations. Formally approved refugees from countries including Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other parts of the Middle East will begin their deportation process, since these nations are not considered war zones, according to Speisa.

Finland is looking for ways to crack down on migrants who are using the refugee crisis to either gain European benefits or commit crimes in the West, and the extradition of such illegals is now in effect. The Finnish government has confirmed that these countries are now safe enough for asylum seekers to return home, and that there is no reason for them to stay at the expense of taxpayers.

Although the new policy will not affect those who’ve been granted citizenship or permanent residence, the majority of asylum seekers will be slowly sent back. Out of 32,000 refugees who arrived in Finland in 2015, the government announced at the beginning of 2016 that two-thirds have overstayed their welcome and will be deported, the Express reports.

“In principle we speak of about two-thirds, meaning approximately 65 percent of the 32,000 will get a negative decision,” Interior ministry official Paivi Nerg stated. “In previous years around 60 per cent [of applicants] received a negative decision but now we have somewhat tightened our criteria for Iraqis, Afghans, and Somalis.”

More than 20,000 migrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somali, and several other countries are scheduled for extradition amid security concerns not in their home countries, but for Finland itself. In short, some of Finland’s leaders are more concerned with the safety and wellbeing of their own citizens than fake refugees simply wanting to live on the glorious benefits Europe affords.

Finland is also engaged in diplomatic negotiations with Russia in an effort to prevent the flow of migrants from crossing their eastern border.

The bold move comes just months after Sweden rejected nearly 80,000 asylum applications from migrants it deemed as falsely seeking refuge.

“Our signal to the rest of the EU is crystal clear,” said Scandanavian Interior Minister Anders Ygeman. “Sweden is the country that has shouldered the greatest responsibility for the refugee crisis. If we are to cope with this mutual challenge, the other countries must take their responsibility.”

While leftists have protested the deportation of asylum seekers, Finnish authorities have argued that the security in these particular countries has increased so dramatically that refugees would not be at risk to return home.

However, Finland and Sweden aren’t the only countries feeling the sting of the liberal agenda. European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis said that Greece must act quickly if it hopes to preserve the democracy on which it was founded.

“There is no effective identification and registration of irregular migrants,” he warned. “Fingerprints are not being entered systematically into the system, travel documents are not being systematically checked for authenticity or against crucial security databases.”

The useful idiots on the left have bastardized multiculturalism to include particular cultures and ideologies that wipe out all others in each country they infiltrate. The diversity that Western countries already boast has been cheapened, and the refusal of an Islamic invasion is chastised as racism. Still, nothing is said of those 50+ Sharia countries that are major human rights violators, as the tolerance of intolerance has become the beacon of leftist morality, all at the unrealized sacrifice of their own liberal beliefs.

Photo Credit [Business Insider, InfoStormer]

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