WATCH: Brat Has Meltdown At Taco Bell, Horrified As She Gets More Than Her Last Check

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WATCH: Fired Brat Has Viral Meltdown, Horrified As She Gets More Than Her Last Check
Images from video shot in Texas

Showing the deteriorating state of society, a video from Texas is going viral after a woman was fired from Taco Bell. Unfortunately for the entitled brat, she was apparently unable to control herself, eventually setting an entirely avoidable series of events into motion – and she was horrified to leave with a little more than her last check.

It’s really quite a shame what people are doing these days. For some reason, there seems to be this “I can do whatever I want” mentality that is not only going around but encouraged by so-called “progressives,” and it is having a downright devastating effect.

Proving just that is a video shot in Converse, Texas, after a woman, yet to be officially identified, went inside of Taco Bell to collect her last check as KSAT ABC 12 reports. As would be later revealed in the video, it appears that the entitled brat had been previously fired and was about to show everyone exactly why.

Although it can’t be said for certain why the childish tirade was launched, several Spanish-speaking viewers suggest that the woman wasn’t pleased with being fired or the size of her last check. As a result, she went completely berserk and initiated a verbal confrontation with the assistant manager.

However, things would only go from bad to worse when the woman escalated the confrontation to a physical level by picking up a large iced tea container on a nearby counter and trying to pour its contents all over the man with whom she was arguing. Too bad for her, she was about to learn that she had picked the wrong guy to pick a fight with.

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Without hesitation, the manager responded by picking up yet another iced tea container near him and hurling it at the woman. As can be seen in the video that was later shared to Facebook, the entitled brat had her son tagging along – and he clearly thought he was a bit tougher than he really was.

Before long, the woman had made her way behind the counter, prompting the manager to ready himself for a fight. Although she was armed with a metal spatula, her wannabe-thug son decided that he would stay far away from the fight and wreck things from afar as the younger punk started smashing everything on the front counter until things boiled over and he hurled a knife in the direction of employees in the store.

As one would imagine, those nearby were left fearing for their safety and immediately called 911 before notifying the mother and son duo that police were on their way. Of course, this didn’t affect the entitled brats in the slightest as they continued to harass and assault those working in the store. Too bad for them, police arrived rather quickly – and that’s when things got good.

Although the responding officers tried to de-escalate the situation, the raging mother made it perfectly clear that she wasn’t about to stop her tirade without intervention. Unfortunately for her, that’s exactly how it ended as police quickly placed her in handcuffs and walked her to a nearby cruiser.

As if that wasn’t bad enough for the punk family, it seems that the brat’s son kept running his mouth and was arrested as well – except two officers gladly tackled and pinned him to the ground to do it. Although it’s unclear what happened to the manager in all this, it’s safe to say that this entitled brat was horrified to be leaving with a little bit more than her final check as she’s now facing official charges.

Although this manager should have been able to control himself better than he did, in the end, there is clearly one person at fault here. Sadly, this is the culmination of a leftist society telling members they can act however they want without consequence. However, people are learning, slowly but surely, that this isn’t the case – and if you can’t act like a human being, you’ll be locked in a cage like the animal that you really are.