Firefighters Called When Grabbing Food, Find SHOCKING Note Upon Returning

A few Washington firefighters went out to grab some food when they got an emergency call and had to head out, despite being in the middle of what they were doing. Little did they know, upon their return, they would find quite the shocking note waiting for them.

Seeing that they were running low on food at the firehouse, they decided to swing out to Safeway to pick up some groceries. After loading up the cart with food for that night’s dinner, they were interrupted by an emergency phone call for someone who was in need of CPR.

As one would imagine, the firefighters left the cart right where it was – food still in it – and took off to take care of business. However, when they returned to resume their little shopping trip, they were in for quite the surprise.

According to a post on Facebook, the firefighters were stunned to see that not only had someone paid for the groceries that they had in their cart, totaling just over $60, but the good Samaritan had even left them a note. As can be seen, the note read, in part:

“Enjoy your meals. Thanks for all you do! God Bless.”

As one would imagine, the firefighters were a bit more than ecstatic to see what a random stranger had done. Taking to Facebook to spread the news, they wrote in a post, accompanying a picture of the note:

“Our crew from Station 66 was buying dinner at Safeway when they were dispatched for a CPR call. When they returned to complete the sale, an anonymous caring person had already paid for their food. Whoever you are out there from the Safeway at 132nd at Meridian at South Hill, thank you so much for your generosity!!”

Luckily, they provided us with an update photo later on Facebook, showing a picture of the “finished product”:


I don’t know about you, but that looks delicious. I’ll bet it tasted even better with that side helping of appreciation as well, and even commenters on Facebook thought so.

“And the best part of this, the person who paid for their purchase likely got more joy from doing that than the firefighters got from the food in the bag,” wrote one woman. “Try it sometime, see how it makes you feel to do something totally unexpected and random.”

It’s nice to see things like this still going on in the world, since society can surely look rather gloomy at times. What do you think – would you have paid for their meals (given you had the money) if you saw firefighters dart out on an emergency call?

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(Image source: Facebook)

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