Fireman Says He Delivered Baby, Wife Shocked At What She Finds 2 Days Later

After a long shift on the job as a firefighter in Myrtle Beach, Marc Hadden called his wife, unable to wait to tell her about the events of his day. He explained that he had the honor of helping a single mother deliver her baby after she went into labor at home, which impressed his wife at the time, but she was shocked at what she discovered 2 days later.

Marc and Beth Hadden

The South Carolina couple was blessed with two boys but never able to have a third child, which they desperately wanted but couldn’t conceive after their second son was born. As hope for having another baby slipped away, the Haddens decided to just be happy with the small family they had and continued on with life.

When Marc isn’t at home, being a husband and father to Beth and the boys, he’s serving his city by putting out fires, attending to emergency situations, and also volunteering as a part-time police officer as often as he can. Even with all his roles in service, he wasn’t expecting the opportunity to deliver a baby until he got an emergency call that a woman was in labor and wasn’t going to make it to the hospital in time.

He successfully helped her bring a little girl into this world and couldn’t wait to tell Beth about the incredible experience. “Overflowing with happiness and excitement, Marc called Beth to tell her the amazing news. Delivering the child gave him so much joy,” LittleThings reported. However, this wasn’t going to be the last time he responded to a call about this particular infant.

Fireman Says He Delivered Baby, Wife Shocked At What She Finds 2 Days Later
Baby Grace

Having been part of this baby’s first breaths, Marc likely felt a connection to her, which was apparently far more than he realized at the time. Just a couple of days after delivering the newborn, he learned that the infant, named Grace, had been immediately given up for adoption by her birth mother.

As soon as Marc learned that this special little girl didn’t have a home, he and Beth decided to do something about it. The couple saw her adoption as an answer to their prayers after having put the fate of their family growing by one more in God’s hands — and He delivered on that prayer, using Marc’s hands.

The Haddens decided to adopt Grace and have been blessed with this precious member of their family since. She may have come into this world under unusual circumstances, but it was all part of a perfect plan designed for her and her new family, who had been waiting for her to come into their lives.

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