Fleeing Illegal BUSTED After Family Finds What He Left On Apartment Floor

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Fleeing Illegal BUSTED After Family Finds What He Left On Apartment Floor
Octavio Bringas (left) and his apartment (right)

An illegal alien, who was living in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has recently been busted for a horrific crime after he attempted to flee the country. He had one fault in his escape plan, and it all began to spiral out of control when his family heard an unusual noise coming from his home. When they entered his apartment to investigate, they were horrified to find what he had left on his living room floor.

On 16-year-old Darius Plummer’s birthday, he decided to go to one of his favorite hangouts, a nearby apartment complex. However, the young teen couldn’t have predicted what would happen when he entered the home of Octavio Bringas, a previously deported illegal from Mexico. Bringas shot the teen in the head.

As any coward would do, Bringas immediately fled the scene. However, his family overheard the gunshot coming from his home and immediately rushed inside. You can imagine their shock and horror when they opened the door to find Plummer’s body on the floor and Bringas was nowhere to be found. Although they quickly called an ambulance, Plummer died at the hospital as a result of his injuries.

Fleeing Illegal BUSTED After Family Finds What He Left On Apartment Floor
16-year-old Darius Plummer (Source: WBRZ)

East Baton Rouge Sheriff Officer deputies immediately began trying to locate Bringas, whose downfall began when he called one of the witnesses and attempted to excuse his actions. He claimed that he had “accidentally discharged the gun and said he was already on his way to Lafayette, Louisiana, which was once a ‘sanctuary city’ in the state,” according to Breitbart.

Luckily, because the witness was communicating with the police, authorities were able to apprehend the murderer before he was able to flee. In fact, police believe Bringas was actually planning to flee the country, knowing full well that he had committed a horrifying crime. Bringas is now facing second-degree murder charges. After he was arrested, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed that Bringas is an illegal immigrant who has a long history with the law.

It’s imperative that citizens of our nation open their eyes before it’s too late. Too many American lives have been lost at the hands of someone who came across our borders illegally for their own selfish desires. Thankfully, President Donald Trump is now in office, fighting to stem the flow of illegals entering our country and limiting the benefits given to those who have made it here already.

If you want to become a citizen of America, then do it through the proper channels. If you can’t, then that alone should tell you that you’re not someone who America needs. If you can’t respect our laws in order to get here, we shouldn’t think that you’ll respect them once you are here.