[Graphic] Nasty Flesh-Eating Virus Threatens To Wipe Out ISIS Fighters

Perhaps Allah is displeased that his devout jihadists have not slaughtered more idolators, or maybe it’s that the Islamic deity isn’t actually able to save his laden followers from earthly ailment; whatever the reason, the Islamic State has been plagued by dangerous diseases that have not risen in decades.

With the implementation of medieval Sharia law, civilians are seeing the resurrection of diseases that were once eradicated, sweeping not only residents, but also ISIS fighters.

Express reports that Raqqa, the self-proclaimed ISIS capital in Syria, is nearing an epidemic, and many Islamic State insurgents have already been infected. Fighters have reported cases of Leishmaniasis skin disease, a highly contagious flesh-eating bacteria that has deadly consequences.

[Graphic] Nasty Flesh-Eating Virus Threatens To Wipe Out ISIS Fighters

Although aid workers had taken measures to treat victims and prevent the spread of the disease, the Islamic State quickly shut down their offices, making it impossible to prevent an epidemic. Equipment was also destroyed, and officers attempting to fight the illness were arrested.

The nasty virus is caused by infected sandflies that are attracted to the destruction of war and the slaughter that ISIS exacts.

[Graphic] Nasty Flesh-Eating Virus Threatens To Wipe Out ISIS Fighters

More than 2,500 cases of leishmaniasis have been recorded in the north-east of Raqqa. It is unclear how many ISIS fighters have been infected with the virus, but reports show that many are suffering from common symptoms.

There are three types of leishmaniasis: cutaneous, mucocutaneous, and visceral. Cutaneous manifests itself in graphic skin ulcers, while the mucocutaneous form also creates ulcers of the mouth and nose. The visceral form starts with skin ulcers, but leads to fever, low red blood cell count, and enlarged spleen and liver.

The effects of mucocutaneous are often the most devastating as far as deformation. Often the nose and/or mouth are completely destroyed if the virus goes untreated.

[Graphic] Nasty Flesh-Eating Virus Threatens To Wipe Out ISIS Fighters

Along with the flesh-eating virus, a quagmire of other diseases have made a comeback, including cholera, hepatitis, measles, tuberculosis, typhoid, and even polio, which has not been seen in the Middle East for 20 years, the New Internationalist reports.

Many of these diseases are raging because of the horrific slaughter and lack of hygiene in the Middle East; however, some are calling it an act of God.

Whatever ISIS believes the cause of their plight is, we can unapologetically say that we hope it rages on among the insurgency, bringing the ugliness of Islam to the exterior.

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