Florida Homeowner Confronts Bat Wielding Transient, Delivers Brutal Instant Justice

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A shocking story has emerged out of Milton, Florida, where a homeowner was startled when he heard a man screaming for “help” at his front door late at night. Immediately, the homeowner called 911 to report the intruder on his property, but as he was talking to the dispatcher, all hell broke loose and he was forced to deliver instant brutal justice.

Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Cruiser, Marcus Mulinix (inset) (Photo Credits: Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office, Facebook/SRSO)

According to local news source WKRG, the home invasion attempt took place at approximately 1 a.m. on Saturday, October 21, 2017. Police said that the homeowner, who has not yet been identified, was startled when he heard a man screaming for help at his front door. Instantly, the man dialed 911 to report the intruder, but as he was on the phone with the police dispatcher, a shot was heard over the phone.

When officers from the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene, they found 39-year-old Marcus Mulinix laying on the ground outside the homeowner’s front door with a large bullet hole in his chest and a metal bat lying next to him. The homeowner had grabbed his gun before calling the police and was forced to shoot Mulinex to protect his life and property, according to Santa Rosa Sheriff Bob Johnson. Mulinex had attempted to assault the homeowner with the baseball bat and was declared dead at the scene a short time later.

Sgt. Rich Aloy said, “Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes and Crime Scene investigators arrived on scene and began to sort through the evidence.  All initial indicators are leading investigators to believe this was an incident in which the homeowners’ use of force was for the protection of their life and property.”

According to Pensacola News Journal, the homeowner was not arrested and Sheriff Johnson said that so far this is being treated as a “stand your ground” case. I could not agree more. This homeowner didn’t know the homeless man outside his door wouldn’t try to kill him with a metal bat. Police said a high power rifle was used by the homeowner to kill the intruder.

Sadly, a brief look at Mulinex’s social media presence reveals that his ex-wife Crissy Kelley is devasted for the son that she and Mulinex had together. In a Facebook post, Kelley said, “Thank you for sharing it means a lot especially to my son ****! I know he’s gonna miss his father very much!”

Screenshot of a Facebook post showing Mulinex (right) and his children (left), (Photo Credit: Facebook/Karon Kolb Dorsey)

Police said that Mulinex had narcotics in his possession at the time of his death and that there was no known address for him. The reality here is harsh because Mulinex obviously was taking the wrong path in life and appears to have ended up homeless and in trouble with the law. There were some very real consequences for Mulinex’s actions and unfortunately, those consequences don’t stop with his self-inflicted demise. His family will now deal with this tragic situation for years to come.

It won’t be long before the mainstream media is portraying the homeowner as the aggressor and Mulinex as the victim. In fact, Sheriff Johnson referred to Mulinex as the victim during the press conference, and I wish he had chosen better words. The homeowner who feared for his life when Mulinex went to attack him with the metal baseball bat is the victim. It’s so ironic how in today’s toxic politically correct culture, even law-enforcement are expected to label the criminal assailant as the victim.

The homeowner, in this case, didn’t deserve to have the sovereignty of his home violated, and he reacted the way any law-abiding gun owner should have. If the homeowner had not been armed, it might be his family that went shopping for a coffin and burial plot while grieving over the loss of a father or husband. In my opinion, that possibility brings the situation into an appropriate perspective. Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls it’s own weight in Milton, Florida, proving that an armed society is a just society.

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