Florida Woman Catches Thug Beating Her Neighbor, Goes Full Mama Bear On Him

Crime scene stock image (left), Daniel Morley (right)

A woman and her toddler were recently awakened by cries for help in the early morning hours at their townhome in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She opened her door to find a teenage thug viciously beating her neighbor and warned him to stop. The home intruder then turned his attention toward the mother and her child as he lunged through their front door to attack, but little did he know, she was about to go full mama bear on him, and rightfully so.

According to Fox News, the incident took place at approximately 4 a.m. on Saturday, July 1, 2017. Brittany Cheek, a 31-year-old resident at a Tarpon Springs condominium complex, heard her neighbor screaming for help and opened her front door to find 18-year-old Daniel Morley beating her.

Cheek yelled at Morley to stop, but to no avail. Police say Morley then turned his aggression on Cheek and her 3-year-old child as he lunged through her front door to attack. This is when Morley learned a very brutal lesson about preying on a woman and her child.

Cheek had armed herself before opening her front door, and she was ready to protect herself and her child. When Morley came through her doorway, she fired several shots, hitting him at least once in the leg. According to local news source ABC Action News, Cheek grabbed her toddler and barricaded herself in a bathroom until police arrived.

When police arrived, they found Morley inside Cheek’s apartment wearing only boxers. The teenage thug reportedly lunged at the officers when he opened the door but was quickly subdued with the use of a taser. Police suspect that Morley was heavily intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

A medical response team treated the 52-year-old woman whom Morley had attacked while officers escorted the thug to nearby Bayonet Point Hospital for the treatment of his gunshot wound. Two deputies were also reportedly treated for minor injuries that they incurred while taking Morley into custody. According to police, none of the victims involved knew Morley or had ever seen him before.

Other neighbors who were interviewed by ABC Action News are calling the gun-toting mom a hero, and I couldn’t agree more. Carolyn Lubecki, one of Cheek’s neighbors, said that her decision to respond to cries for help makes her a hero and called it, “Just an amazing act of bravery.” Lubecki called 911 when she heard the screams early that morning. “You kind of panic in situations and thank God Brittany Cheek didn’t. She didn’t think twice,” she added.

Morley was charged with two counts of simple battery, two counts of burglary with assault or battery, one count of battery of law enforcement officer, and three counts of resisting with violence. He will be detained at the Pinellas County Jail when released from the hospital.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. If Brittany Cheek had not been armed, she may not have been able to save her neighbor’s life or protect herself and her toddler from harm. Here is another recent example of a lowlife degenerate trying to prey on victims who he thought to be vulnerable. The sad reality is that this can happen to anyone in any city. The countless “non-violent” offenders who have been released by our prison system over the last several years aren’t wasting any time in finding new victims, and law-abiding Americans should see this as a wake-up call.

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