Florida Man Tries To Carjack 2 Different Victims, Gets Same Brutal Response Both Times

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A knife-wielding man in Florida recently tried to carjack two different victims, one after the other. Now, the punk is wishing he’d stayed in school and gotten a job after both victims gave him the same brutal response.

Screenshot from a video at the scene of the crime (background), Christopher Raymond Hill (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/DB, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office)

Criminals are often said to be the dumbest people alive. One thug in Florida, who police later identified as 36-year-old Christopher Raymond Hill, proved just how stupid he is when he tried to carjack two different motorists after robbing a liquor store of its cash register.

According to local news source WJAX, the incident took place on Friday, June 8, 2018, at a Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida. Police said that Hill first assaulted and robbed a female Walmart employee before he ran out the door with her register in his arms. Investigators said that Hill first tried to gain access to the register by asking the cashier, LaToya King, if she had change for a $20.

When King told Hill that he would have to make a purchase to get change, he bought a pack of cigarettes and waited for the right moment before jumping over the counter to attempt getting into the cash drawer. King immediately closed the drawer before Hill picked up the whole thing and bolted for the door. For Hill, things were about to take a turn for the worse.

According to local news source WSVN, Hill ran outside to a getaway vehicle. When that vehicle wouldn’t start, Hill grabbed the register and ran over to a nearby pickup truck. Military veteran Scott Reardean was sitting in that truck and was shocked when Hill demanded a ride. “He wasn’t going to get my truck,” the retired army veteran told WTLV. “I don’t care if you’re Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, you’re not getting my truck.”

Reardean said that Hill put the register in the bed of his truck and then began to slash at him with a knife. “I turned the ignition off, grabbed my keys, opened the door, and boom, there he was,” Reardean recalled. “I was…trying to get the knife off me, and he’s like, trying to pull me, and he yanked my shirt and ripped it all up.”

Hill slashed at Reardean, cutting his hands before the Army veteran was able to grab his gun and point it at Hill. “I reached in between my glove box and my console, between my seats, reached down, and got my weapon and brandished it for him,” Reardean said. Hill immediately begged Reardean not to shoot him. “Once he saw that… I mean, you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight,” Reardean added.

This is when witnesses say Hill took off on foot toward a Starbucks drive-thru before approaching a woman’s vehicle on the passenger side. The woman, rolled her window down to find out what Hill needed and to her horror, Hill jumped inside her vehicle and demanded that she start driving.

The victim tried pushing Hill out of her car but, after a few moments, gave up and immediately went to retrieve a Ruger handgun from her trunk. She was going to have this thug leave her vehicle one way or another. The moment Hill was staring down the barrel of her gun, he took off again on foot.

Christopher Hill reportedly ran inside a Supercuts store and barricaded himself in a restroom until police arrived. When he was taken into custody, police found a knife in his pocket. The cash register Hill had stolen was returned to Walmart.

Hill was charged with strong-arm robbery, attempted carjacking, and aggravated battery. According to court documents, Hill had been previously arrested when police found him inside a woman’s vehicle with a knife in 2017. This guy is plainly dumb and not a first-timer.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. Two innocent people in Florida were able to fight off an attacker because they were armed. Had it not been for that fact alone, Hill would have easily taken one of their vehicles or worse. In my opinion, the first person Hill tried to carjack had every right to shoot him dead after being stabbed. So, Hill is lucky that he ended up in jail instead of six feet under.

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