Florida Cop Naps After Nonstop Rescues, Viewers Shocked When They See What’s Inches Away

As Hurricane Irma took aim at Florida, police officers all across the state devoted their time and lives to keep all of their residents safe. After one such officer worked around the clock to rescue as many people as he could, he eventually needed to lay down and take a brief nap. While he was asleep, someone snapped a photo that left viewers shocked to see what was just inches away.

Florida Cop Naps After Nonstop Rescues, Viewers Shocked When They See What's Inches Away
Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Somma napping (photo credit: Fort Lauderdale Police Department)

The number one priority of police officers during a disaster in their area is to keep as many people as safe as possible. So, when Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, every officer in the state knew they needed to put their personal lives on hold to save others. After one particular police officer at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department spent countless hours rescuing people, he eventually needed to take a break and sneak in a quick nap. While he was asleep, a photo was taken that has quickly gone viral after viewers spotted what was directly under him.

Police departments across Florida have been sharing several photos, showcasing their dedication to their communities as Hurricane Irma carved her path of destruction across the state. Although every single photo is remarkable or even terrifying in their own unique way, the particular photo shared by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department is a bit different. In fact, it’s a heartwarming shot that proves just how heroic and devoted our police officers are — and not just the men and women in blue, but our four-legged officers too.

According to Daily Mail, the photo was captioned, “#WeAreInThisTogether,” while depicting a police officer, only identified as Officer Somma, napping on a cot. However, what was just inches away is what everyone is talking about – his K9, Eddie, napping right alongside him. In fact, the photo captures them holding hands and paws during their temporary and deserved sleep.

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Posted by Fort Lauderdale Police Department on Sunday, September 10, 2017

During a time of disaster and destruction, people need hope. So, when citizens across the country glance at this photo, they’re given the reassurance that the residents in Florida are being taken care of by many selfless individuals. They’re being shown that regardless of what Irma does to the state, or what any hurricane does to parts of our nation, there are people willing to put their own comfort aside to help.

Irma was once ranked as one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic, but it weakened to a Category 1 Hurricane as it barrelled through the state. Luckily, Florida evacuated approximately 6.5 million people, about a third of the state’s population, before their lives were placed in danger by the hurricane’s wrath.

Unfortunately, there were some people who remained home and needed rescuing, and that’s exactly what these officers have signed up to do. Not only that, but they need to be prepared for whatever may come during the restoration process that will undoubtedly take a long time.

Although many homes, business, and belongings have been destroyed by the hurricane, this particular cop and his K9 partner prove that none of that matters. The items that have been destroyed are just things; what really matters is that we’re still alive and are loved by the people (and animals) who walk alongside us. Thankfully, because of heroes like this officer and his k9 partner, many more people were rescued and able to tell their loved ones the two words the rest of the nation yearns to hear from our friends who were living in the storm’s path, “I’m okay.”

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