VIDEO: Florida Diver Left In Agony As Shark Bites Sensitive Spot & Won’t Let Go

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Ervin Maccarty was diving off the Florida coast recently when his enjoyable day out on the water turned into a bloody nightmare. He was left in agony, exclaiming, “Oh, sh*t!” as a nurse shark bit him and refused to let go. Footage of the gruesome incident is difficult to watch without cringing.

Ervin Maccarty is bitten by a nurse shark while diving off the coast of Florida. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

According to Mirror, the nurse shark latched onto Ervin’s abdomen after he went diving off the Florida coast. In an attempt to remove the shark’s jaws — clamped onto the swimmer’s skin — pals were forced to use a knife to cut away at the animal. Lying on his back, writhing around in pain, Ervin can be heard screaming, “Don’t cut me! Don’t bleed him out on me,” as his friend asks, “He didn’t get your penis, did he?”

Watching Ervin’s friends try to filet the shark as it refuses to release its jaws from the diver’s stomach, blood from the man and the shark spilling out all the while, is enough to make you lose your lunch.

“I was taking lunch break on boat while another six people were in the water retrieving lobsters,” Ervin recounted of the terrifying ordeal. “One of them came up for air and says he shot a grouper with a spear gun and that the grouper was stuck in the hole. I am good at getting groupers out of holes so the captain of the boat asked me to go in and get the grouper,” he said.

Ervin’s expertise proved to be his undoing. Moments later, he was in ten feet of water with a shark knocking the wind out of him. Not exactly an ideal situation when you can’t gasp for breath without drowning.

“I jumped in and went straight to the hole in about ten feet water,” Ervin explained. “As soon as I get down there the shark came out of another hole and bit me. I struggled getting back to the boat. It knocked the breath out of me so I had to get up for air but I felt the shark biting and trying to tear me open,” he said, according to BizPac Review.

“It wouldn’t let go so I had to hold it tight with both hands so it wouldn’t rip me open and I had to get up for air with the shark pulling me down,” the diver continued. “I thought I would drown. I got up and saw the boat had floated away and everyone yelling that the shark had bit me. No one knew it was still on me. I had to get to the boat with no hands to swim with. It was a struggle and wore me out. The video tells the rest.”

Ervin is fortunate that he possessed the physical strength required to make it back to the boat, even with such a serious injury, after being bitten by this shark. He ought to count his blessings and thank God that this story didn’t have a more sinister ending.

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