Florida Muslim Sees Bikini Girls At Pool, Shocks With Nasty Surprise In Hand

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A few bikini-clad girls got a bit more than they bargained for after being spotted by a group of men, who were none too pleased with their attire. Unfortunately, things quickly took a turn as one of the offended males decided to confront the women about what they were wearing — and that’s when everyone was left shocked by the nasty surprise that he had in his hands.

Florida Muslim Sees Bikini Girls At Pool, Shocks With Nasty Surprise In Hand
Images from a video recorded in Florida (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

The entire ordeal was caught on video and took place in Florida as a family was out for a day of fun at the community pool. However, the day wouldn’t exactly go according to plan as they were soon spotted by a few Muslim men while enjoying a refreshing swim.

As it turns out, the Islamists reportedly saw the woman in the group and weren’t too happy with what they were wearing. According to the original Facebook post that has since been deleted, the man apparently took issue with the “less-than-modest” swimwear that the women were wearing.

With the Muslim men reportedly upset to see a few of the girls in the group wearing their bikinis, the men decided to take matters into their own hands. At first, they reportedly told the women to go inside and change, but when the girls didn’t, the men sought different ways of getting the women to cater to their demands.

As can be seen in the clip, the Muslims were so upset by the scantily-clad women and their “immodest” behavior that they set out to ensure that they’d never do something so “horrendous” ever again. Apparently, they forgot what country they are in — this is America, not some third-world hellhole.

In order for the Muslims to get their point across that the women should be covered a bit more, one of them decided to brandish a taser and point it in the direction of the girls. At that point, a few of the family members decided to whip out their cameras and record the incident.

The shocking ordeal continued to deteriorate as the Muslims kept shouting their demands. Despite knowing full well that we’re not in an Islamic country and don’t have to adhere to Sharia law, the Muslims remained firm in violating the rights of the women — but that’s not the way things work here in America.

In the end, these women have the right to do whatever they want as long as it falls within the confines of the law. Although we do have the Freedom of Religion here, those rights extend both ways. The same way you are allowed to practice how you see fit, you have to respect the rights of others to do the same or even not practice any religion at all.

Sadly, when it comes to Sharia law, this is rarely ever the case as it seeks to force everyone to obey the Quran. However, what these Islamists didn’t take into consideration is that the First Amendment isn’t the only freedom we enjoy here in America as there are several more.

Perhaps most important though – at least, in this case – is the Second Amendment. My guess is these entitled punks would have run like the cowards they really are the second they were faced with a real gun after pulling their stun gun on innocent citizens, who have every right to defend themselves.

Although Islam teaches that Sharia law is above the law of the land, that’s not the case in America. Our citizens don’t have to obey the Quran, and if Muslims don’t want to assimilate to that way of thinking, the best thing they can do is go back to a Muslim-majority country that lets Sharia reign supreme because we aren’t about to let that happen here.

Our women will wear bikinis as we enjoy some tasty bacon, and no foreign law will force us to do otherwise. It’s this notion that Sharia trumps our laws that brought about this most recent incident, and we’ll only see more of the same if the left continues to volunteer themselves as human meat shields for an ideology that can’t coexist with our values. Enough is enough of this nonsense already.