After Florida Shooting, Sign Resurfaces At Texas School With 6 Words That Panic Liberals

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A sign at a Texas school district has resurfaced after the horrific shooting that recently occurred in Parkland, Florida. As many leftists demand we “do something,” the controversial message contains six words that panic liberals when they read them.

After Florida Shooting Sign At Texas School Resurfaces, 6 Words Leave Liberals In A Panic
Argyle High School (left), the sign (right) (Photo Credit: Argyle Independent School District/Facebook, Screengrab/YouTube)

After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the Argyle Independent School District in Argyle, Texas, has decided to use the unfortunate event to reinforce and remind the public of their current policies. In fact, they’ve brought attention back to a sign they put up on the property several years ago, which contains a message sure to panic liberals who see it.

The sign was originally constructed after the Sandy Hook school shooting, as the Argyle school administration decided to take a necessary measure in order to protect their students and staff. They are confident they have no major safety concerns given the fact that the sign says, “Staff at Argyle ISD are armed.”

As Blue Lives Matter reports, the entire sign reads, “ATTENTION: Please be aware that the staff at Argyle ISD are armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.”

After Florida Shooting Sign At Texas School Resurfaces, 6 Words Leave Liberals In A Panic
The sign (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

The district has chosen to use the Florida shooting as an opportunity to reinforce their policy of having armed staffed and faculty at all three of its campuses. “It’s just, yet again, another reminder to us to keep this going, keep this going!” said Argyle ISD Police Department Chief Paul Cairney.

Of course, not every staff member in the district is armed, but they’ve taken the necessary measures to keep everyone safe. “We handpicked these people, we make sure they go through an extensive screening process. They go through a psychological evaluation and then I go through an intense training where they shoot over 900 rounds of ammunition [in] just a few days,” Cairney explained.

“We never tell people exactly how many people we have trained or who they are, that’s part of the genius I think of the program, is to keep the mystery there. So, nobody knows,” he added.

The school didn’t decide to implement this policy as a way to infuriate liberals, they simply want to protect everyone on the premises. Cairney understands that there are critics of their plan, but this is the best plan they have had, and the bottom line is safety. In fact, they are even open to reasonable suggestions if someone has a better idea.

“If you think of something better, let us know,” he said, according to Fox 4. “We’re willing to listen, but at the same time, the day of doing nothing is over.”

He’s not alone in his sentiments, either. Sarah Slaton is an Argyle ISD teacher and parent of three young children in the district, and she is comforted by the fact that there is armed security inside of the classrooms. “If something were to happen,” she began, “God forbid that they would be protected and that they would be defended when they are defenseless against something so horrific.”

Unfortunately, liberals don’t feel the same way and have been left in a fury over the resurfacing of this school’s policy. “Vote everyone out of office who is owned by the NRA and pass reasonable gun control. The sooner the better,” one social media user stated in disagreement.

“Please don’t put this burden on the teachers,” another blind social media user added.

“Asking teachers to arm themselves and then taking billions of dollars away from their budget seems a little unreasonable to me. This does not make me feel safer personally,” another said.

Arming teachers isn’t about causing more tensions regarding the national debate on gun control. It’s what is necessary to keep our children safe while at school. In can be effective even without every teacher having to be trained and armed to handle the situation. The fact that there are any armed individuals in the building is undoubtedly a deterrence for anyone who is considering the sick option of shooting up a school, and it will cause them to think twice before they enter.

Furthermore, when these tragedies strike, what finally causes the horrors to end? It’s when armed help arrives. So, isn’t it better to have armed help already there and ready to take action rather than losing valuable seconds that inevitably result in the loss of human life? It’s better to be safe than sorry, and when danger arrives, it’s an armed hero that people pray will arrive before it’s too late.