Grisly Florida Thug Gets Instant Karma After Stabbing A Victim Who Wasn’t Ready To Die

Screenshot of live news report, Jorge Crespo (inset), (Photo Credits: Facebook/Tammy Evonne Donnally, Facebook/Jorge Crespo)

A Florida homeowner was horrified to find a knife-wielding thug in his home as he walked in his front door after briefly stepping out to get some fast-food with a friend. Immediately, the man’s friend grabbed the suspect and put him in a bear-hug only to get stabbed by the intruder. However, little did this thug know, he was about to pay a heavy price for invading the man’s home and stabbing a victim who wasn’t ready to die.

According to local news source WPTV, the shocking home invasion took place on Thursday, August 17, 2017, in Palm Springs, Florida, at a residence on Pleasant Place. Police said that in the few moments the courageous man wrestled the attacker into a bear-hug, the homeowner was able to retrieve a weapon. That decision turned out to be what many are saying saved his life and the life of his already stabbed friend.

Although police have yet to publicly reveal his identity, the dead suspect’s family and friends made it known on Facebook as they posted and commented on news links involving the crime.

Screenshot of Facebook post by an acquaintance of the dead suspect (Photo Credit: Facebook/Tammy Evonne Donnally)

Jorge Crespo reportedly stabbed the first man and forced him to release his hold on him while the homeowner armed himself with what police will only describe as an “edged object.” This is when things went fatally bad for the attacker as the homeowner opened up a can of whoop-ass on him.

In fear for his life and the life of his friend who was bleeding from his wound, the homeowner stabbed the intruder over and over again until he was unconscious. The comment on Facebook from the woman acquainted with the suspect mentioned the pervasive drug problem in Palm Springs, Florida, that is driving many young people to commit crimes and to an early grave.

Police said that an emergency response team arrived at the residence at approximately 12:43 a.m. Both the home intruder and the victim he stabbed were rushed to nearby St. Mary’s Medical Center for treatment. The victim was treated for a non-life threatening stab wound and was released from the hospital. The suspect, on the other hand, was “dead as a doornail.” The fed-up homeowner had sent him to meet his Maker, and rightfully so.

The moral of the story doesn’t involve keeping an “edged object” handy in case you find a knife-wielding intruder in your home. A legally-owned firearm is a much more effective force-multiplier, and if this homeowner had not considered buying a gun in the past, I guarantee it’s on his “to do” list now. Not every victim who arrives home to find a murderous thug in their house lives to tell about it. In fact, the majority of home invasion incidents which take place in the U.S. every week, end in tragedy for the victims, not the assailants.

An unfortunate fact of life in our country is that we live along side self-entitled criminals who would harm or kill others to take what they will not work to earn for themselves. Thank God, we, as Americans, have the right to lawfully bear arms under the 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves from criminals and, if need be, an oppressive government. After decades of pedaling moral equivalence and cultural Marxism, liberals have all but erased the line between right and wrong. But, we know that life is still very much about the age-old struggle between good and evil. As responsible law-abiding citizens, we should be prepared for the day that evil darkens our doorstep. Our prayers go out to the victim who was stabbed and his family.

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