Terrified Florida Man Calls For Help After Seeing Unwelcome Guest At Neighbor’s Doorstep

A man in Florida was terrified recently when he spotted a shocking surprise on his neighbor’s doorstep. Authorities were immediately called, and the man waited desperately for help to come, recording the frightening scene for evidence. Now, many are saying that his neighbor owes him his life after taking action.

According to Crave Online, a man named Eddie Bruce, who lives in Breaux Bridge, Florida, was horrified to find an alligator about 8 feet long walking up to his neighbor’s door. As he alerted his neighbor and emergency services were called, the gigantic reptile parked itself right on top of his neighbor’s doormat and waited for a snack to come out.

Fortunately, the neighbor wasn’t home at the time of the incident. However, as officers from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries arrived, the camera continued to roll, and now the footage of an uninvited guest that you would never want walking up to your door is going viral. Although nervous laughter can be heard, there’s no doubt the encounter was terrifying as spectators hoped things wouldn’t take a turn.

Caught trespassing in Breaux Bridge. 8 foot. I believe his name is George.

Posted by Eddie Bruce on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bruce wrote on his Facebook post, “Caught trespassing in Breaux Bridge. 8 foot. I believe his name is George.” The viral clip starts with George the alligator walking across Bruce’s neighbor’s lawn and up to the front door. With what appears to be a rather expecting look on his big face, George parks himself on the doormat and waits.

However, George’s visit didn’t last very long. Officers from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries took him into custody and transported him back to a more suitable environment. Of course, after Bruce posted the video to Facebook, it went viral as plenty of people had something to say about the shocking incident.

An alligator was captured in the front yard of a Breaux Bridge, Florida, resident. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Eddie Bruce)

Malcom Livingston wrote, “George is a bit too close for comfort,” while another viewer, Ian Osborne from Minnesota, weighed in with a very practical take on the situation. “Hello from Minnesota. Saw your post shared in an article! Haha. He makes a beautiful welcome mat for gettin mud off your boots,” he wrote.

In a word of caution, Facebook user Mike Wright said, “Whats funny is, most people couldn’t outrun this beast. People think they are slow and clumsy, but they can actually haul a** in a straight line. I grew up around them and they aren’t slow or weak.”

According to local news source KLFY, the officers from The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said that as the mating season for these enormous reptiles begins, they will search far and wide for that special someone. That is why they say “George” ended up on this Florida man’s porch. Floridians be warned, love is in the air and an unexpected and unwanted suitor might come knocking at your door.

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