Camera Accidentally Caught Sick Thing Focus Group Tried To Hide On Live TV

Camera Accidentally Caught Sick Thing Focus Group Tried To Hide On Live TV
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the debate (left), Focus Group of Undecided Ohio Voters (right)

Following last night’s fiery debate, CNN turned their attention on the “focus group” of undecided voters from Ohio to weigh in on what they just heard the candidates hash out on stage. However, the camera flashed on the group a little too quick, catching what they, and the reporter, tried to hide but didn’t realize was on live television until after it was too late.

Over the last 48 hours, Democrats have been obsessed with Donald Trump’s hot mic moment they dug up from 11 years ago to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign. However, karma came quickly since a liberal news outlet who slants their reporting in Hillary’s favor just got caught in an unfortunate comment recording of their own.

Although the “focus group” is comprised of individuals who are allegedly not committed to either candidate yet, CNN wanted to be sure to sway their commentary of the debate to benefit Hillary after she was just decimated by Trump who didn’t hold back. The question and answer session is supposed to be candid, presumably to help other undecideds with unbiased analysis of the candidate’s answers to debate questions. Since that doesn’t fit with CNN’s agenda, they seemingly decided to control what this panel had to say when the reporter was caught feeding replies to one of the female attendees.

The Ohio voter was asked to respond to when Hillary said, “America already is great but we are great because we are good,” for which the reporter was heard scripting the attendee on what to say. As the recording played of Hillary’s comment, the reporter is heard slow-pitching the answer to the group so they’re prepared on how to respond when asked seconds later. Not realizing her mic was on, the CNN reporter whispers “America is great,” before her words fade off.

Doing as she’s seemingly told regardless of what her real feelings are on the matter, the respondent agrees with Hillary, and apparently CNN too, when she robotically says, “She stated that America is already great and I tend to agree with that…”

It’s up for debate if the reporter was actually coaching the woman on how to answer or repeating Hillary’s comments to her as preparation for the upcoming question. However, CNN is notorious for lying by omission to help Hillary win and make Trump look bad. The bias isn’t exclusive to this news station either, as both debates seem to be staged against the Republican candidate.

Before Trump obliterated his opposition, he bluntly brought attention to the two moderators teaming up with Hillary when he said it was three on one. The liberal media and biased moderators can try to take Trump down, but as he proved last night, he’s a bigger fighter than Hillary and he’s not afraid to say exactly what many Americans are thinking.

h/t: [InfoWars]

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