VIDEO: Shocking Footage Of Dead Connecticut Teen Thug Reveals 1 Big Problem

Pictured: Jayson Negron

A 15-year-old teen thug from Connecticut was shot dead by police after driving a stolen car into oncoming traffic and then crashing into another vehicle before nearly running over an officer. Now, the thug’s family and the liberal world are in an uproar over a new shocking video that appears to show one huge problem.

According to Heavy, a graphic video has just surfaced on social media of 15-year-old Jayson Negron’s body laying in the street after being shot dead by patrolman James Boulay, 30, who feared for his life after Negron almost pinned him under the stolen vehicle he was driving.

The footage is extremely graphic and disturbing as an officer is seen guarding Negron’s body. When the person filming pans away to look at additional law enforcement vehicles arriving and then goes back to filming Negron’s body, the head of the dead teen is facing the other direction. Immediately, the family, their attorneys, and the liberal media want to claim some kind of injustice, saying that the teen was still alive and left face down on the ground without medical attention.

According to Daily Mail, the fatal incident took place at approximately 5 p.m. on May 9, 2017, when police attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the stolen vehicle Negron was driving while his passenger, Julian Fyffe, 21, sat beside him.

According to Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez, cruisers pulled up behind the stolen car and turned on their lights, signaling the driver to stop. That’s when police said Negron sped away through a Walgreen’s parking before recklessly entering the roadway into oncoming traffic on Fairfield Ave.

Negron crashed into another vehicle almost immediately as officers closed in and demanded that he get out of the stolen vehicle. Negron allegedly refused to exit the stolen vehicle as an officer made an attempt to arrest him and threw the vehicle into drive “trying to knock off the officer,” said Perez. “Then, he put it in reverse, at a high rate of speed, pinning the officer almost underneath the vehicle,” Perez added. “At that point, the officer feared for his life, drew his weapon, and shot the passenger and shot the operator of the vehicle.”

Let’s pause here for a moment of clarity. A 15-year-old teen thug was allegedly driving a stolen vehicle to the music studio where he was in the process of cutting some tracks when police tried to pull him over. The thug then decides to run from police and endangers the lives of hundreds of other people on the road, as well as nearby pedestrians. The officers in pursuit have a solemn responsibility to protect and serve the community which they patrol, and sometimes that means they have to use deadly force when their own lives or the lives of those around them are in danger.

I’m so tired of these thug’s families trying to paint cops as the bad guys. The officers involved didn’t make the decision to run, drive recklessly, or use a stolen vehicle as a weapon toward a cop. Those decisions were all made by Negron who ended up paying for it with his life. The video footage shows Negron’s head pointing one direction before the person recording points his smartphone in another direction. When he returns to filming the body, Negron’s head is pointing the other direction, and now, liberal America wants to say the cops left him to die and that he was still alive.

Of course, the liberal mainstream media wants to vilify the cop. That’s how they make headlines and generate more ad revenue. This works out for liberal politicians who are professional race baiters and use tragedies such as this to launch or perpetuate their careers. Add in the fake civil rights organizations who are nothing but a disease in our society, and what you have is an irrational superstorm.

A full investigation will be done and the facts will be presented in Negron’s death. For once, it would be great if the left could actually wait for the facts to be presented before encouraging their army of thugs to burn down another city.

Perhaps the officer turned his head away from the spectators and their cameras to better protect the teen’s privacy or maybe he needed to reposition the boy’s head to better take his pulse. While there are many possible reasons why Negron’s head was pointing a different direction within moments of the recorded video, there is only one reason the teen thug found himself in that situation, to begin with — his own choices. And, honestly, that’s all that really matters.

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