Forbes Reporter Tries To Embarrass Trump, President’s 6 Words Instantly Make Him Regret It

This week, Forbes published an unfiltered interview online which the publication conducted with President Donald Trump for their November 14th issue. During the interview, editor Randall Lane challenged Trump on policies, initiatives, business deals, and natural disasters. However, when he tried to embarrass the president, Trump delivered a brilliant six-word response which made Lane instantly regret his irreverence.

President Donald Trump (left), Forbes editor Randall Lane (right), President Donald Trump covers the November 14, 2017, issue of Forbes Magazine (inset) (Photo Credit: Department of Defense/U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro, Forbes)

While Trump’s interview with Forbes covered a wide range of topics, one exchange between the President and Lane stood out. It was the final question the reporter asked.

Trump has led a prolific career in business, and over the decades, he has virtually never had to answer to a boss because he owns his companies. For most, this is a scenario which they aspire to achieve themselves. It is a perfect example of the American dream; namely, that if you work hard and make good decisions, you can ultimately build wealth and employ others.

The liberal media doesn’t seem to view this as a good thing, though. If they had their way, nearly all Americans would be collecting welfare, voting Democrat, and never working towards a better lifestyle. The disdain many feel towards Trump for achieving such a tremendous level of success was apparent in Lan’s final question for the president. “You’ve pretty much never had a boss,” he said. “In some ways, now you do have a boss — the American people. How has this changed?”

Trump’s reply laid plain his humble respect for the position which the American people duly elected him to execute. “I have about 330 million bosses,” the president responded without skipping a beat, according to Western Journalism.

“Right. So how has this changed how you operate as an executive?” furthered Lane.

“It doesn’t change because all I want to do is the right thing,” said Trump. “You’ll see that I’ll make decisions that aren’t politically popular, but they’re the right thing to do,” he added.

“So I do have all 330 million bosses, but it doesn’t matter because I’m going to do the right thing,” the president continued. “I think that’s another thing that maybe you’ll do more as a businessperson than you would as a politician. A politician is going to do the politically correct thing. I’m going to do the right thing for the country,” concluded Trump.

Trump’s mentality when it comes to serving the American people who elected him stands in stark contrast to the views of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, and other Washington, D.C., elites. Indeed, it seems that most politicians in power these days have forgotten that their own views and interests are intended to come secondary to what is in the best interest of the American people, and ultimately, what the American people want. Trump, however, understands the way the system is supposed to work, which is the reason he resonated with the millions of Americans who came out in droves to cast their votes for him.

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