FORD IS FINISHED! New Details From Lie Detector Expose What Lawyer Tried To Hide

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Christine Blasey Ford’s claims against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh are falling apart. She still has not produced any evidence of the alleged assault she says took place at a “Maryland area” home sometime during the summer of 1982, and her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday certainly didn’t help matters. But now, new details about her lie detector test have exposed what her lawyer tried so desperately to hide.

Christine Blasey Ford taking a polygraph test. (Photo Credit: Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team via New York Post)

Christine Blasey Ford hasn’t given her supporters much to go on. After all, she can’t seem to remember the exact date, time, or place that Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh allegedly tried to rape her in the summer of 1982. She also has not produced any evidence of the alleged attack beyond a decades-old “repressed memory.” Furthermore, the witnesses Ford has been able to identify have all emphatically denied that the incident ever took place.

Meanwhile, Kavanaugh has produced evidence that he never attended a drunken high school party with Ford by way of calendars which document his movements that entire summer. The judge was able to come up with this evidence despite having only ten days between the time he was informed of the allegations against him and the date of his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ford, on the other hand, wants us all to believe that she knew of this attempted rape for the last 36 years and, in that time, never acquired any evidence at all. She never filed a police report. She never told any of her friends what happened. She never wrote about it in a diary. Nothing.

Still, there are lots of people happy to stand behind the liberal professor, shouting that we must “Believe Survivors,” even if they have no evidence and stand to ruin the life of a well-respected man who has never before been accused of anything even remotely close to attempted rape.

Most of Ford’s supporters claim that a polygraph test she took is proof that she isn’t lying. Ford’s polygraph has been touted by her legal team since the very beginning as proof that their client isn’t making up her allegations. “She passed a polygraph test!” they have stated over and over and over again — but the actual results of that test remained a mystery. Until now.

Ford’s polygraph test has been released, and as it turns out, it’s just as disappointing as the rest of her story.

The attorneys for Judge Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford have released results from a polygraph test she took last month — which she apparently passed. The exam was administered by a former FBI agent on Aug. 7 at a Hilton Hotel in Maryland, according to Ford’s lawyers.

Ford’s polygraph came just one week after she hurled her sexual assault allegations at Kavanaugh in a letter to Feinstein. The Supreme Court nominee allegedly pinned her down on a bed and groped her while they were both in high school. Kavanaugh has denied any wrongdoing. [Source: New York Post]

Ford was asked a measly TWO RELEVANT QUESTIONS before it was ultimately declared that she passed the test with flying colors. “Is any part of your statement false?” read the first question, to which Ford answered “no.” The second said, “Did you make up any part of your statement?” prompting another “no.”


According to her attorneys, Ford gave answers “not indicative of deception” and wound up passing the test with “unremarkable” scores. But others who have taken polygraphs noted how ridiculous the one administered on Ford was.

Polygraph tests work by detecting how agitated you become after being asked a series of questions. How agitated could anyone possibly get after answering just TWO relevant questions?! Moreover, these tests are almost never admissible in court because they are wildly unreliable. Case in point: Christine Blasey Ford’s test. If this is all her supporters have to go on, their case is undeniably pathetic.

Just like the rest of her story, Ford’s polygraph test was a total sham. Her lawyer made sure she would be able to pass the test by finding someone who would administer it under the easiest possible conditions. It certainly doesn’t prove that her claims against Kavanaugh are true. In fact, if it proves anything at all, it’s that she has something to hide. Why else only ask two relevant questions? Was her lawyer afraid that delving deeper might just produce a negative result? It certainly looks that way.

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