‘F*** YOUR MOTHER’: Foul-Mouthed Journalist Grabs Huge Knife, Issues Sick Threat For Trump

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Journalist Guadalupe Loaeza is seen in a viral video wielding a large kitchen knife and threatening the President of the United States. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Marco Gutierrez/Twitter)

A concerning video is making the rounds on social media after being tweeted out by Marco Gutierrez, the co-founder of Latinos for Trump. The footage features a foul-mouthed journalist, grabbing a massive knife and issuing a shocking threat for President Donald Trump.

In the disturbing video, an elderly Mexican woman can be seen stabbing a piñata repeatedly, all the while yelling obscenities like, “Chinga tu madre,” which translates to “F*** your mother,” in English. The piñata sustaining the brunt of her rage is crafted in the likeness of President Trump.

Mexican journalist Guadalupe Loaeza recently turned 71-years-old, and she couldn’t get through her birthday party without things getting political. As her friends gathered around laughing hysterically at her antics, the leftist writer grabbed a huge kitchen knife, which she used to stab a Trump piñata over and over again.

Once again, the 45th President of the United States is at the end of violent expressions of disapproval. In a short video tweeted by Marco Gutierrez, co-founder of Latinos for Trump, a woman can be see rambling in Spanish while stabbing a Trump piñata with a large sharp knife. Other women are present for the spectacular show, evidenced by the squeals of laughter in the background. Who is the woman? None other than Guadalupe Loaeza.

Loaeza is a Mexican writer and left-leaning social critic who constantly ironizes the middle class. She is a columnist for Reforma, a Mexican newspaper. Prominent left-wing figures are quick to show their disapproval for anything resembling opposition, and in most cases, Trump is the perfect scapegoat. [Source: Squawker]

Although Loaeza’s girlfriends seemed to find her appalling behavior amusing, the same could not be said for others. Many of her fellow Mexican citizens commented online saying that they were embarrassed by her antics and blamed her for giving them a bad reputation.

But not all netizens were impressed by the novelist’s actions, calling her out for attention seeking.

One, going by the name ‘JesusPleasen’ said: “Classic woman of Las Lomas wanting to call attention… Mexico needs women with balls such as Adelitas, not this bulls**t.”

Another, ‘LaloBravo’, added: “For reactions like this, we are considered as third world people, and this one because there is nothing else lower.” [Source: Mirror]

The double-standard when it comes to what is perceived as racism these days is glaring. If a white journalist had stabbed the likeness of former President Barack Obama, this would be all over the mainstream media, the journalist would be labeled a racist and a bigot, and we would never hear the end of it. However, because Trump is a white Republican, it’s A-okay.

Also of concern is the fact that Loaeza has a career where she should remain somewhat bipartisan. How could you possibly expect someone like this to report the unadulterated facts without allowing bias to influence her work? Had, for example, Greta Van Susteren stabbed an Obama piñata when he was president, she surely would have lost her job and all of her credibility, and rightfully so. But, sadly, the left does not have to play by the same set of rules as conservatives.

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