Four Cops Go Out To Lunch, Stunned When They See What’s Written On Check

Four police officers from the North Las Vegas Police Department decided to go out to lunch, but the event would take an unexpected turn. However, after they finished their meals, they were left stunned when they saw what the bold server had written on their check — and now, it’s going viral after people on social media saw it.

The four officers had decided to grab a bite to eat at Millside Restaurant and Tavern in North Las Vegas, Nevada. As they finished their meals, their kind server carefully placed their check on the table and walked away. However, when the officers saw what she had written on their check, they were left absolutely floored.

Four Cops Go Out To Lunch, Stunned When They See What’s Written On Check
Millside Restaurant and Tavern

Only a few days prior to their outing at the restaurant, the police department had suffered the loss of a police officer, Detective Chad Parque. The server, who knew of the unfortunate tragedy, felt compelled to show appreciation for what police officers sacrifice daily and decided to pay for their meal, but that’s not all she did. She also wrote them a message they will never forget.

Four Cops Go Out To Lunch, Stunned When They See What’s Written On Check
Their “check” (Source: America Going Blue)

“I am so sorry for the loss of detective Parque,” the server wrote, according to America Going Blue. “I know this doesn’t change anything, but I wanted to buy the 4 of you lunch as my sincere thanks for putting your lives on the line for our safety. We love and respect our officers. God bless you guys! We appreciate you!”

Police officers across America deserve the utmost respect from every citizen in our country. They put their lives on the line daily to protect and serve us all – regardless of the risks it imposes on their own lives. It’s a shame there aren’t more people like this server who show appreciation for what they do.

Although our current president has displayed nothing but disrespect for law enforcement in our country, there’s no doubt that when President-elect Donald Trump takes office, they will begin to get the respect they deserve. RIP Detective Parque, and to law enforcement across the country, we here at Mad World News appreciate what you and your fellow men and women sacrifice to protect us all. Thank you.

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