Four Feral Thugs Try To Rob Texas Marine, Realize Big Mistake When They See All The Blood

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A group of feral thugs learned a hard lesson after deciding to rob a Marine veteran who was quietly sitting outside his home. Unfortunately for them, things would quickly take a turn for the worst as their intended victim turned around – and it’s safe to say they weren’t laughing when they saw all the blood.

Four Feral Thugs Try To Rob Texas Marine, Learn Big Mistake When They See All The Blood
Alexander Borrego (left), the 4 thugs who tried to rob him (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/KPRC 2)

Alexander Borrego was minding his own business as he sat outside his home in Houston, Texas, reading a book. However, a situation that he wouldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams was soon to take place when he felt a gun to the back of his head.

“One came alongside, through here, and next thing I knew I had a gun to the back of my head,” Borrego said in an interview with KPRC 2. “They told me to get up, so I stood up. My garage door was open, so my main concern was my family at that point.”

Unfortunately for the 4 thugs trying to rob the man, they didn’t know he was a Marine Corps veteran – but that wasn’t his only secret. As it turns out, Alexander is actually an avid supporter of the Second Amendment and just so happened to be armed at the time.

Explaining that he had his pistol in the front pocket of his hoodie, the veteran states that it wasn’t long before his military training kicked in. Without hesitation, the man sprang into action, reaching into his pocket and grabbing his gun – but that’s not the best part.

In one smooth movement, the man turned, grabbed the gun pointed at the back of his head, and swiped it away before drawing his own and opening fired on the group of four thugs. By the time the dust had settled, the intended victim had struck one of the punks in the chest and neck.

Of course, the wounded thug’s friends took off running like a bunch of cowards as soon as they heard the shots and saw all of the blood. The thief that Alexander shot did survive and is currently recovering in an area hospital.

As for the veteran, he seems to feel bad for what he was forced to do but doesn’t regret protecting himself or his family. “I don’t have hate for them,” he said. “It’s sad, but hey, I had my pistol — I thank God for that.”

Alexander’s family is understandably happy with the way the series of events played out, seeing how they all made it out unscathed. In fact, the man’s wife took to social media in order to praise her brave protector.

“You hear about stuff like this all the time, but never think it would happen to you. This could have ended terrible for my family and I, but I think God, everyone watching over us and Alexander Borrego for stopping them from coming inside. I am so proud of you babe. #MyHero,” she reportedly said. [Source: The Blaze]

Although what this guy did seems to have been well within his rights, every state is different when it comes to self-defense. Fortunately, reports indicate that Alexander will not be facing charges as police have determined that his actions were well within the law.

It just goes to show, if you’re going to play stupid games, you better be willing to accept the stupid prizes that you will most certainly win along the way. In the end, these feral thugs got off easy, seeing how none of them got to tour the inside of a body bag. However, let’s just hope this was enough to ensure they never pull such a stupid stunt again because, next time, they may not get so lucky.