Frantic Mom Calls 911, Cop Rushes To Help After She Utters 6 Unusual Words

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A 911 dispatcher was working her shift as normal when she suddenly found herself on the phone with a frantic mother. As soon as the mom uttered six unusual words for a 911 call, the dispatcher immediately called a police officer, who then rushed to the scene.

Erica Marlow is a dispatcher for the Westminster Police Department in California. Recently, during one of her shifts, she received a call from a frantic mother who was in desperate need of help — but not the usual kind of help that people call 911 for. However, things got personal when Erica heard the mother utter 6 unexpected words – I’m nearly out of baby formula.

“The woman was home with her 5-month-old baby when she discovered she was nearly out of baby formula, had misplaced her debit card, her car was almost out of gas, and no family was nearby to help,” America Going Blue explains. As a mother herself, Erica understood the woman’s problem and immediately reached out to Officer Nick Jezulin for help.

Frantic Mom Calls 911, Cop Rushes In After She Utters 6 Terrifying Words
Officer Nick Jezulin buying the formula

Erica asked Officer Jezulin to take her money, purchase formula for the baby, and deliver it to the desperate mother. “Officer Jezulin went to a nearby 24 hour Walgreens to get the formula and later delivered it to her,” according to Westminster Police Department’s Facebook post. “Calls about kids touch the heart and these two great employees were happy this baby went to bed on a full stomach.”

Erica could have easily ignored the mother’s problems and simply dispatched an officer to check on the child. It’s obviously not in her job description to spend her own money to help someone on the other end of the line, and it definitely wasn’t the officer’s job to stop and purchase the formula.

It’s nice to see that there are some kind and selfless people still left in the world. Hopefully, more people will feel inclined to do something nice for someone in need once they hear about the blessing these two gave that mother and her baby.