After Fresno Gunman Captured, Disturbing Detail Leaks — Media Dead Silent

Kori Ali Muhammad gunned down three white males in Fresno, California, on Tuesday.

In the hours since Tuesday’s shooting in Fresno, California, little has been said about the gunman who took three lives. However, following his capture, a disturbing new detail has emerged, and it explains why the media has shied away from covering the story.

Kori Ali Muhammad gunned down three white men during his senseless shooting spree. Then, as he was arrested, he shouted, “Allahu Akbar,” leaving no question as to the motive behind his violence. Now, something else Muhammad said just after he was captured lends more insight into why he committed the disturbing act. Apparently, he readily admitted to authorities that he “hates white people.”

The gunman’s Facebook page revealed more evidence of his deep-seated racism:

Muhammad’s since-suspended Facebook page contained a litany of anti-white racism.

After the murder last July of three Baton Rouge police officers by black separatist Gavin Long, for example, he posted a photo of a man smiling and captioned it with this: “My face when grafted white devils die.”

He responded similarly to the murder a month later of five Dallas police officers by Black Lives Matter supporter Micah Xavier Johnson.

“He loved us enough to kill for us,” he wrote in honor of Johnson . “We honor him #LetBlackPeopleGo.” [Source: Western Journalism]

Kori Ali Muhammad applauded the murder of five Dallas police officers on Facebook.

A die-hard supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, Muhammad also referred to President Donald Trump and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon as “grafted white devils” in his Facebook posts and paid homage to blacks justifiably killed in police shootings, like Michael Brown.

The media loves to cover a shooting when the suspect is a white male and they can collectively use the tragedy to lobby for further gun control. However, substitute in a minority shooter who also happens to be a radical Muslim and flaming racist, and the press ignores the story entirely.

Nothing about this week’s shooting in Fresno fits the left’s chosen narratives. On the contrary, reporting the story would paint Muslims and Black Lives Matter supporters in a bad light while simultaneously debunking the argument that stricter gun laws are the answer, as California already has perhaps the harshest gun laws in the country. It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and deduce why the media has been dead silent on this one.

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