Fundraiser For Kids With Cancer Canceled After Trump-Haters Complain About 1 Thing

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A triathlon in North Carolina which serves as a fundraiser for children with cancer and terminal illnesses has been canceled by its organizers after a bunch of Trump-hating liberals complained about one thing. Conservatives are furious that the organizer has chosen to give sick children the short end of the stick in an attempt to appease screaming liberals, and when you hear why they complained, you will be too.

Trump Golf Club (background), Isabella Santos (left), President Donald Trump and Melania Trump (right) (Photo Credits: Facebook/Tri For Good)

According to Daily Caller, the organizer of the fitness event in North Carolina, called “Tri at the Trump,” has announced that the triathlon has been canceled because of Trump-hating liberals who were mad that it was located at a Trump National golf course and that it had the President’s name in the title.

“It is with a heavy heart that we are cancelling the 2017 race Tri for GOOD (Tri at the Trump). Our sole purpose for having this triathlon was to help children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. This decision did not come easily, but was the only choice we had in light of events that have occurred over the last week. We will continue to support our beneficiaries and their causes. I want to thank our sponsors, partners and volunteers. For the athletes that signed up for this years race, we thank you for your support and all will receive a full refund for the race. Thank you again and we hope to see you in 2018.”

Our President deserves our respect and support. Why on earth would the organizer pander to a bunch of liberal hacks? This event was supposed to benefit children with real needs.

The triathlon was to include a swimming, biking, and running race that had been scheduled to take place at the Trump National Golf Club on October 8, 2017, according to The Charlotte Observer. The proceeds from the “Tri at the Trump” triathlon would have been given to non-profit groups that help children with cancer and other terminal illnesses. Now, those kids in need won’t be getting any help from this canceled event, thanks to a pandering organizer who wouldn’t stand up for what is right and a bunch of liberal jerks who feel that their political agenda is more important than sick kids.

The event’s organizer, Chuck McAllister, said he had received quite a few complaints about the name of the triathlon and the location. He should have told those degenerates to pound sand. Instead, he folded like a cheap suit. Initially, McAllister tried to change the name from “Tri at the Trump” to “Tri for Good.” He wrote a statement on Facebook after the initial name change, saying, “I hope by making this announcement, we can focus on what our core values are and the goals we are trying to achieve with our race.”

After McAllister announced the name change, he decided to cancel the fundraiser altogether to avoid the appearance of politicization. This was not how McAllister should have handled it. Our President should be honored by having events named after him for all of the work he does on behalf of our country.

“The best way to avoid a situation is to not create one at all,” McAllister said after canceling the race. “I’m flat-out sad by it that I had to make this decision. But it was the right decision to make for the interests of everyone involved,” he added.

McAllister said that he does plan on bringing the triathlon back next fall but is not sure what to name it. It’s a shame that sick children who would have benefited from the event will now go without as a result of this debauchery. In the past, America has honored presidents by naming landmarks or events after them. Why should it be any different for Trump? Just because a portion of our society hates him doesn’t mean they should get their way. In my opinion, McAllister’s decision to appease liberals is exactly what is wrong with our country. Just as American patriots had to deal with 8 grueling years of Barack Obama while the left demanded respect for him, liberals should reciprocate the same for Trump.

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