Gaetz Leads GOP Congressmen In Storming Impeachment Inquiry, Shutting It Down

Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Steve Scalise lead a large group of Republican Congressmen in storming into Adam Schiff’s closed impeachment hearings and demanded that he “shut it down.” This happened Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill where Gaetz contended that the “Soviet-style” hearings were a travesty and that the American people deserved to see what is going on. The GOP was successful at shutting it down, and Schiff started to scream at them. Don’t miss this.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (left) leads GOP Congressmen to storm Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry (right) (Photo Credit: Andy Biggs/Twitter)

Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Steve Scalise shocked the leftist media and their Democrat cohorts by calling a short press conference where Gaetz explained it was time to shut down Adam Schiff’s closed-door fiasco which they call the impeachment inquiry.

Gaetz and Scalise were joined by two to three dozen other Republican lawmakers who then stormed into the basement room where Schiff is holding his “Soviet-style” hearings.

Here’s how the far-left Daily Beast described the situation: “The gambit—cooked up by the pro-Trump brawler Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and endorsed by House GOP leadership—derailed the closed-door deposition of Laura Cooper, a Pentagon official with jurisdiction over Ukraine policy, before it even started. And it left Democrats indignant that their colleagues had violated long-standing rules about interviewing witnesses in classified settings.”

Well, that’s rich. The poor Democrats got “indignant” over the GOP violating “long-standing rules?”

“According to Democratic lawmakers in the room, the Republicans blew past police officers to enter the room and began shouting once they got there, loudly denouncing the process and impeachment in general,” Daily Beast added.

Hell yes. Finally, we see the Republicans get some backbone and bring the fight right to these rats holding this closed-door farce.  

In fact, Gaetz and about 25 other Republican congressmen made themselves at home refusing to leave the basement room even though Shifty Schiff was visibly upset and complaining what they were doing was “against the rules.” He started threatening them with “ethics punishments.”

“Close to two hours after they first went in, a core group of Republicans remained there, according to a tweet from inside the room sent by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ). The number two House Republican, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), was with them,” Daily Beast reports.

“UPDATE: We are in the SCIF and every GOP Member is quietly listening. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff, clearly peeved that he will no longer be able to hide his impeachment sham, is threatening Ethics punishment for all of us. His fake intimidation can’t hide his lies–Open the process!” tweeted GOP Rep. Mark Walker.

Even Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was upset and complaining the big bad Republicans are interfering in their Kangaroo court. 

“Literally, some of [GOP congressmen] were just screaming about the president and what we’re doing to him,” Wasserman-Shultz complained to reporters.

Meanwhile, GOP Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida, who also stormed the hearing countered Wasserman-Shultz by tweeting: “I’m a Green Beret and a proud veteran. This impeachment process does not make me proud. As a sitting member of Congress, I still can’t read the transcripts on impeaching our President. I’ve fought in third-world countries that have fairer processes than what we’re seeing today.”

GOP spokesman Mark Sparks explained to the leftist media why the Republican lawmakers were storming the closed-door impeachment hearings.

“Each member of Congress represents nearly 710,000 Americans,” said Matt Sparks. “It is their duty and responsibility to see and understand all of the documents that Democrats are referring to in their attempt to remove a duly elected President from office. The current structure is unprecedented, unfair, and undemocratic. Our members are demanding fairness.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, who was also crashed Shifty Schiff’s clown show impeachment inquiry, let all Americans know why this entire process stinks to high heaven.

435 Members of the House. Only one knows who the “whistleblower” is and who their sources are: @RepAdamSchiff. Why?” tweeted Jordan. 

For Trump supporters and all fair-minded Americans across the country, Schiff’s farce hearings go against the principles America was founded on. Every citizen has a Constitutional right to face their accusers in person and have legal counsel cross-examine them.

The Democrats are experts at painting their so-called impeachment process as fair-minded and legal. We know it is the exact opposite. Today, those GOP congressmen stood up to Shifty Schiff and exposed his dirty dealings. Schiff has no business heading any legal proceedings anywhere in this country, let alone being the one in charge who is out to nullify 63 million American votes for President Donald Trump.

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