Gaga Makes Statement About USA At Halftime, Just Not The One We Expected

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Pop star Lady Gaga performs the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, February 5, 2017. (Credit: Rolling Stone)

After Beyoncé’s controversial nod to the Black Panthers during last year’s Super Bowl halftime show, Americans were waiting anxiously to see how Lady Gaga would follow it up with her own performance this year. The singer did end up making a statement of her own, just not the one that we all expected.

Before launching into any of her signature songs on Sunday, Lady Gaga paid tribute to something much more important. From high atop the stadium, she belted out “God Bless America” and “America the Beautiful” as a massive American flag appeared behind her in lights. She even clearly said “Under God,” a phrase which has unnecessarily become controversial as of late. It proved to be the perfect kick-off to the near flawless halftime show that she went on to deliver, and Americans took notice.

There was plenty of speculation that Lady Gaga might use the massive platform to make some sort of political statement, perhaps even about President Donald Trump or his recent executive actions.

Instead, she started her show by showing respect to her country and then delivered a nearly flawless Super Bowl halftime show, especially notable after Beyonce’s controversial nod to the Black Panthers last year. [Source: IJR]

Indeed, this was certainly a far cry from Beyoncé’s performance one year earlier, which became the subject of mass controversy and inspired the NYPD to demand an apology from the pop star. However, Americans immediately took to social media this year to express their gratitude for a politics-free halftime show this time around:

Hopefully, other performers will take note of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime success. The public acclaim she has received for delivering an entertaining show without turning it into a political charade should serve as a huge cue for other celebrities that we like them for their talent and couldn’t care less about how they feel when it comes to the current political climate.

As for Beyoncé, the recent publicity she attempted to create with the announcement that she is having twins was completely overshadowed by Lady Gaga, whose halftime show was, by all accounts, much better received than Queen Bey’s. As they say, karma’s a bitch, and a year later, there’s still buzz about Beyonce’s disrespect as her Bey hive continues to dwindle — and it’s only getting worse after Lady Gaga showed everyone how it’s done.

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