Gang Rapes Little Girl, Cops Horrified When They See What They Left Behind

Gang Rapes Little Girl, Cops Horrified When They See What They Left Behind
Jacob Yrles, Steven Washburn, Terry Taylor, and Anthony Bunn (left to right), stock image to depict rape (center)

After unsuccessfully trying to lure a little girl into their gang, a group of four men decided to take matters into their own hands and raped the girl into submission. However, things would later get so much worse when police began to look into the matter – and even the cops were horrified to see what the gang had left behind.

According to Opposing Views, the incident took place back in 2014 but has only recently become public. It all started when a 13-year-old “loner” ran away from home and ended up on the east side of Flint, Michigan, alone and looking for friends.

Unfortunately for her, a friend would introduce her to Jacob Yrles, Anthony Bunn, Terry Taylor, and Steven Erwin Washburn – members of a local gang known as the Insane Spanish Cobras. Although things started off innocent enough, it wasn’t long before she noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

While at a party, the teen was more than shocked when the men asked if she wanted to be a part of their gang. Of course, when they told her she’d have to do something called “rolling the dice” – a gang initiation method that requires the recruit to have sex with the number of gang members rolled on a die – she declined.

However, things were far from over. As these were her only acquaintances in the area at the time, the girl left the party with the men before stopping at a liquor store and eventually traveling to a nearby home. Once there, things took a turn as the gangbangers huddled in a group a few feet away from the girl and began to whisper to each other.

Suddenly, she said Yrles grabbed her hand, leading her into the home’s garage where he proceeded to tie a green bandana over her eyes and sexually assault her.

As Yrles left the garage, Bunn entered, telling her “you’re not done yet,” before stuffing his handgun under a couch cushion in the garage, she testified. With a green bandana covering his nose and mouth, Bunn then proceeded to sexually assault her, she said.

Taylor was next, then Washburn.

One by one and wearing bandana masks, the four accused gang members assaulted the girl, she testified.[Source: M Live]

Unfortunately, the girl’s horror wasn’t over as the men apparently wanted to permanently brand the girl. According to police reports, the gang members took her into a bedroom and began to tattoo her with both a new gang name they made up for her and the cobra logo of their gang.

They also drew two large gang-related tattoos on her back as well. Although it took the girl a year to finally break her silence over the attack and another year to inform the police, the rapist punks have since been arrested. They face a total of 40 separate charges, including multiple gang, rape, assault, kidnapping, and gun charges, where they are each looking at up to life in prison for their crimes.

Although they have yet to be sentenced, things aren’t looking too good for them – but not too many people are losing any sleep over it. After all, as long as these animals are locked in a cage, they can’t hurt anyone else’s daughters for the time being.

In the end, the punishment given by the court might be the least of these thugs’ problems since we all know that prison rules are a bit different than out here in the real world. In fact, fellow inmates have their own form of “justice” when it comes to child rapists, and my guess is these “hardened” gang members aren’t going to like it when they find out what it’s like to play the part of the victim.

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