Gay Muslim Gets Brutal Wake-Up After Condemning Terrorism On Social Media

Shawn Ahmed is an openly gay Muslim who decided to condemn the Orlando terror attack on social media, but what he found out after doing so left him terrified as he received a brutal wake-up for making his feelings known.

When followers of Islam and liberal loons insist that Islam means peace, they are dead wrong. However, they will be silenced by the truth when they see the brutal wake-up Shawn received.

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Shawn Ahmed’s Facebook post and the reactions to it.

Shawn Ahmed has a pretty large social media following, and the novelty of being gay and being a practicing Muslim is what makes him stand out. Shawn is an idealist, and that idealism took him to dark places after he found out exactly what the majority of his fellow Muslims think about him and his lifestyle.

On June 12, Shawn posted a tweet, saying, “I’m gay and Muslim, I want to tell the LBGT Community that the Orlando shooter doesn’t reflect my faith as a Muslim.” Well, that opened the floodgates for Muslims to tweet him back and let him know what they think of him.

Many of the tweets were deleted, but screen captures were obtained first and later posted on Facebook. “You are an idiot who is a black spot on the name of Muslim and Islam, there is no space for any gay or lesbian in Islam,” read one response while another claimed, “You’re half a man, valueless and useless, you’re not even a complete Muslim, update your Imam.”

Then came the death threats. “I doubt if you say ur gay in public, I’ll be among those to stone you to death,” one wrote while another declared, “[N]igga you must be crazy, Muslim and gay? Please prepare for hell.”

Unfortunately, that is just a small sample. Shawn received hundreds of abhorrent messages and said he became terrified and depressed, yet he maintained that Islam if followed correctly is peaceful. However, that just doesn’t jive with the facts and evidence.

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This is no religion of peace and that is exactly what conservatives have been saying all along about Islam. Shawn and many others mistakenly think they will change Islam. However, if you change it that much, the argument can be made that what you are left with is no longer Islam.

The majority of Muslims and Islamic majority countries, based on the teachings of the Quran and hadith, condone death to homosexuals. It is ridiculous to be gay and be Muslim, and that is just a sad fact. Christianity does not condemn homosexuals to death. It’s actually quite the contrary.

While Christianity views homosexual actions as sinful, like any other sinner, the Christian faith invites them to repent and never sin again. So, there is a stark difference between the religion of Christianity and the cult worship in Islam.

Islam’s verdict on homosexuals is death, but Christianity offers life through repentance. This proves false the tired notion which claims Islam is somehow one of the great religions of the world equal with Christianity. Until people aren’t scared of saying that, we will continue to never name the real evil that is trying to annihilate our world — Islamic ideology, which breeds its terrorism.

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[h/t Bare Naked Islam]

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