WARNING: Top General Predicts World War III Launched By ‘Skilled Opponents’

One of Europe’s top generals is making a stark prediction that is catching the attention of many. From the recent refugee crisis that is turning out to be an invasion force to the state of Europe’s economy, the general is so concerned that he penned a booklet meant for his troops, as well as politicians and civil servants, and he’s not mincing any words. He foresees Europe facing a third World War, and he wants his country ready to battle what he describes as “skilled opponents.”


Chief of the Swedish Army, General Anders Brännström, is a top military mind, respected throughout Europe, and he is predicting a World War “within the next few years.” Sweden has not seen a war on its soil for over 200 years. Brännström’s booklet is quickly starting to ignite conversation throughout Europe.

General Brännström states:

The requirement of our ability to perform armed combat against a skilled opponent was clear, and this in context of the objective to create a front line against military attack and defend Sweden.

The global environment we are experiencing which is also demonstrated by strategic decisions [taken by politicians] leads us to the conclusion we could be at war within a few years.

General Brännström cites the degrading military situation in Europe brought on by the Islamic State’s infiltration through the refugee crisis. Brännström reminds us of the 1930s and the rise of Hitler. Brännström compares those times to where we are today.

Sweden, known for its neutrality during World War II, does not see itself as being able to stay out of the Islamic State’s goals for Europe.

As Americans, we may face the same predicament we were in during World War I and World War II. The fighting begins with a small part of Europe and quickly spreads throughout all of Europe. The Islamic States goals are parallel to Hitler — world domination.

Will we as Americans leave Europe on its own or be knowledgeable enough to realize it’s at our own peril? Hopefully, with a top European general raising the alarm, other countries will start to focus on the dangers of the Islamic State abroad.

Breibart reports on General Brännström, indicating why his prediction and the fact he is speaking out is so profound:

It is unusual for a serving senior military figure, much less the professional head of an Army to speak out on such political matters in Europe. Yet these comments are not just the General’s opinion, he added, remarking his senior colleagues all held the same thoughts. He said: “this is a serious position shared by most. This is a completely different situation to the one we had ten years ago.

“There is now a much stronger focus on national defence… it is about preparing for the worst.”

The United Kingdom’s retired Rear Admiral Parry RN, who was the Ministry of Defense Head, stated last year that the Islamic State will only gain power, as thousands occupy Europe. Rear Admiral Parry RN felt the Islamic State would attack England through a series of raiding parties on sea, coming ashore and wiping out 150-200 people each time.

These are the voices of top military men in Europe. Predicting World War III is not taken lightly by such men, with their careers and reputations on the line.

Americans are savvy enough to understand the dangers. Those with common sense will rise above the “political correctness” of the day, ready to face the evils the Islamic State awaits to inflict on Europe and abroad.

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