George Clooney Calls For More Refugees, Gets Nasty Surprise On His Doorstep

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Out-of-touch leftist celebrities like George Clooney have used their wealth and fame as a platform for chastising taxpayers for not taking in Middle Eastern refugees. However, after arriving at his lavish $9.8 million vacation home, he woke up to find a perfectly ironic surprise waiting at his front door.

After tireless campaigning for more refugees, George and Amal Clooney have received exactly what they asked for — just not how they wanted. (Clooney villa pictured)

In a dose of irony and karma almost too perfect to be true, megastar Clooney and his Muslim attorney wife Amal Clooney had just taken out a restraining order against a 55-year-old mentally ill veteran when they stumbled upon an unwanted surprise at their favorite getaway home at the luxurious Lake Como Italian resort.

After months of hearing Clooney and his wife bash Americans for not taking in enough refugees, the privileged pair has had their $9.8 million vacation property infiltrated by the migrants for whom they have spent so much time advocating but so little time actually putting their money where their mouth is.

According to The Sun, the Italian resort that boasts very exclusive vacation homes for the wealthiest patrons has been overrun by asylum seekers. Hundreds of refugees have established a makeshift camp in the expensive Alpine resort, squatting in front of businesses and on doorsteps.

George Clooney Calls For More Refugees, Gets Nasty Surprise On His Doorstep
Boasting residents such as George and Amal Clooney and Madonna, Lake Como resort is now home to the migrants they so desperately wanted.

The resort is home to the Clooneys as well as Madonna, who also applauded efforts to take in more refugees and added that the only way to stop the Islamic State is to “love unconditionally” and “keep having fun.”

The surge in asylum seekers comes just after Switzerland shut its southern border, prompting the overflow of refugees in Italian camps. Volunteers have been forced to allow the migrants to head towards Lake Como in an attempt to establish a makeshift camp on the sidewalks, alleyways, and directly in front of businesses and residences. So many are arriving that the local railway station has been transformed into a tent city, according to the Daily Mail.

Of course, don’t expect the privileged celebs to unlock their doors. It appears that their rants about opening doors don’t apply to themselves, as the local churches have taken on the burden of thousands of refugees. Robert Bernasconi, the spokesperson for a local Catholic charity, said the parish has already taken in 2,000 asylum seekers because ultra-wealthy liberals like Clooney won’t do it.

“We are helping them with food, clothing and we are also mounting showers,” he said. “But it is very difficult, we do not know how to welcome all these people. In the Como diocese, we have over 2,000 migrants in the facilities – there is no room. I do not know how much longer we can bear the brunt of this mass of people who would like to cross the border but who are not willing to leave Como.”

Most of the migrants in Lake Como have arrived by boat in the Mediterranean, meaning that they are mostly Muslim asylum seekers who passed up several safe Islamic countries for European benefits.

We always knew that leftists are often hypocrites of their own agenda, refusing to be held to the same standards that they chastise everyone else for failing to reach. However, it’s that much more satisfying to see them forced to live out their armchair activism.

Clooney and his Muslim bride will most likely quietly urge authorities to remove these pesky invaders, pushing their problem off on another city. Of course, that’s the privilege you gain when you become filthy rich off of the same system you so despise.

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