After Georgia Teacher Opens Fire In Classroom, Student Exposes His Dirty Little Secret

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When a Georgia teacher suspiciously opened fire in his classroom, liberals immediately pointed to the incident as the prime reason teachers shouldn’t be armed. However, their narrative has been shattered now that his dirty secret behind the shooting has just been exposed.

After Georgia Teacher Opens Fire In Classroom, Student Exposes His Dirty Little Secret
After liberals pointed to teacher Jesse Randal Davidson (left) opening fire in his classroom as an example for gun control, student Chondi Chastain (right) exposed his dirty secret. (Photo Credit: Randal Davidson/Facebook, Chondi Chastain/Facebook, Chondi Chastain/Twitter)

After every mass shooting, liberals incessantly call for legislating gun control, refusing to acknowledge that each new law they’ve passed has only prompted the increase of gun violence. So, when a deranged psychopath killed 17 students and staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month, it was no surprise that the gun control propaganda was being spewed from every major news outlet.

Proving they don’t actually want a safer environment for our children, liberals immediately shot down President Donald Trump’s proven solution that training and arming educators would substantially decrease school shooting fatalities. Once they couldn’t procure a legitimate argument to back up their desire for gun-grabbing, liberals seized the opportunity to point to a suspiciously convenient isolated incident in which an armed teacher opened fire in his classroom. However, our skeptical assessment of such a perfectly-timed event has proven correct now that the armed educator’s little secret has been exposed.

According to Dalton High School student Chondi Chastain, Georgia teacher Jesse Randal Davidson had made comments to students prior to opening fire in his classroom that he was avidly against President Donald Trump’s idea of arming teachers, suggesting that the shooting was a staged political event to push for gun control, according to the New York Daily News.

“He was always very nice,” she told The News. “He was really funny and always made jokes about random things. He always talked about how he disagreed with Donald Trump. I didn’t expect him to do anything like this, it’s completely out of character.”

The teen said Davidson had said he did not agree with Trump’s proposal to arm teachers.

Davidson’s dangerous and deranged stunt wasn’t the only detail exposed recently. In fact, before his Facebook account was suspiciously made private, it showcased his liberal values, including his disdain for President Trump as well as the Second Amendment.

However, the implications once again provide evidence that the problem is mental illness. Dalton Police confirmed that in 2016, Davidson had walked into their department, rambling about confessing to killing a woman, the Daily Mail reports.

Although police investigators weren’t able to verify if his admission held any merit, they stated that Davidson was taken to a hospital because he was “delusional” and “thinking about hurting himself.” Still, he was able to continue teaching at the high school and allowed to possess firearms, thanks to failed liberal policies.

Unfortunately, Davidson’s liberal fear-mongering has brainwashed several emotionally vulnerable students into buying into his failed political agenda. Chastain confirmed that, while she believes that Davidson’s unhinged crime spree was politically motivated, the fear it caused has effectively swayed her and other students to support liberal gun control. She has since unwittingly become the latest political child prop used by leftists to advocate for their unconstitutional agenda.

“My favorite teacher at Dalton high school just blockaded his door and proceeded to shoot,” she tweeted at the NRA. “We had to run out The back of the school in the rain. Students were being trampled and screaming. I dare you to tell me arming teachers will make us safe,” she wrote.

“I feel like there just shouldn’t be guns at school at all,” she said. “It’s our basic student right to feel safe at school and if (teachers were armed), I wouldn’t feel safe,” Chondi added.

Unfortunately, Chastain has been spoonfed liberal rhetoric and doesn’t understand that deranged criminals with an agenda like Mr. Davidson don’t follow gun laws. In fact, Davidson was in a “gun-free zone” when he illegally unloaded his firearm on law-abiding, unarmed students.

Everything about the incident reeks of liberal propaganda and a staged event. The shooter is once again an anti-Trump, anti-Second Amendment liberal lunatic who has a history of violent and mentally ill behavior. Tell us again how legislating more gun restrictions will stop a lawbreaking criminal from shooting up another classroom.

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