Georgia Thug Shoots At Woman In Robbery Attempt, There’s Just 1 Huge Problem With His Aim

Scene of the home invasion (left), James Robert Young (right)

A Georgia woman was recently startled by the sound of her front door being kicked in while she was home alone. Seconds later, she was horrified to find two thugs in her living room trying to carry out her big screen TV, and she screamed. As the two thugs fled, one of them reached over his shoulder and fired a backward shot at the woman, but there was one huge problem with his aim.

According to local news source 13WMAZ, the incident took place on June 19, 2017, at approximately 10 a.m. in Macon, Georgia. Two thugs reportedly kicked the door in at a woman’s home where they quickly lifted up her big screen TV and headed for the door. As the woman emerged from a back bedroom and screamed at them, they fled, but not before one of the thugs reached over his shoulder and fired a shot backward at the screaming homeowner. This is when things went from bad to worse — for his partner.

According to local news source WMGT41, the armed thug shot his partner in the head, killing him instantly. If that isn’t instant karma, I don’t know what is. The wannabe burglar who was shot and killed by his partner was identified by police as 41-year-old James Robert Young.

Sheriff David Davis said the homeowner was awakened by the two men trying to steal her TV from her home on Bradstone Circle in Macon. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is calling the shooting an accident albeit a very appropriate one.

“When she yelled, the men ran out,” Sheriff Davis said. “As they went out the door, one of the suspects turned around and fired one shot backward and struck the other suspect in the head.” The shooter reportedly escaped before police arrived, and he remains at large, minus one thug buddy.

As for the dead thug, this wasn’t the first time Young had been involved in criminal behavior, according to Sheriff Davis. He had been arrested and jailed 35 times in the past. Six of the arrests were for burglary. According to the State Public Corrections website, Young was released from prison in August 2016 after serving 4 years for burglary.

Perhaps it was Young’s outlook on life in general that led him to such a tragic end. Four days before his death, Young posted the following message on Facebook. “Y’all h**s so funny in Macon y’all want a ni**a to give y’all wen he getting money but wen it time for a ni**a 2 go do time y’all h**s get da fucc on are go fucc a ni**a home boy..ijs.” It would seem from his post that Young was indeed living the thug life, and it ended him.

Dexter Miller, one of the neighbors who spoke with 13WMAZ, said that his neighborhood is usually pretty calm. “Kids, children, you know, walking around playing in the streets,” said Miller. He says he was surprised to hear that a burglary led to a shooting just a few doors down from his own. “It’s shocking to everyone in the neighborhood, but I just didn’t understand. Why here?” asked Miller. He also said that from here on out he will take extra precaution.

I would say that is a good decision on Miller’s part. He made an excellent point when he mentioned that this kind of thing was unusual for his neighborhood. That just proves it can happen anywhere to anyone at anytime. Luckily for the homeowner, she wasn’t injured when the thug shot at her. Instead, the partner in crime took the bullet, and rightfully so.

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