Georgia Thugs Beat White Woman & Girl Over Fried Chicken, Get Perfect Dose Of Justice

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Surveillance camera footage went viral back in June after a pair of thugs beat a woman and her teen daughter over fried chicken. Although they evaded police for a while, the two punks eventually turned themselves in – but things were far from over. As it turns out, they most recently got exactly what they deserved as they were slapped with a perfect dose of justice.

Georgia Thugs Who Beat White Woman, Girl Over Fried Chicken Get Perfect Dose Of Justice
Nathaniel Smith (left), Jeanette Norris and her teen daughter (center), Latasha Smith (right) (Photo Credit: Baxley Police Department, Twitter via Breitbart)

Mad World News previously reported on the incident that took place at the Qwik Chick restaurant in Baxley, Georgia, about 5 months ago. At the time, Nathaniel Smith, 45, and Latasha Smith, 28, were both caught on video brutally assaulting the owner, Jeanette Norris, and her teen child.

According to Mail Online, the shocking ordeal all centered around fried chicken after the Smiths claimed they had been served cold food and “not enough fries.” Of course, doing as any respectable businesswoman would do, Jeanette refunded the couple their money, but this apparently wasn’t good enough for them.

For some reason, Latasha remained agitated and started beating on the store’s windows, prompting Jeanette to call 911. In the meantime, she went outside to tell the enraged customer that the police were on the way, but that just made things worse.

As can be seen in the footage since shared to YouTube, Latasha became unhinged and launched a vicious assault on the innocent woman. Since going viral, the clip has left viewers completely shocked and disgusted as they watch the vile thug rain down blows on her helpless victim.

What people didn’t initially see is that Jeanette’s daughter was watching the attack from inside of a truck just feet away from where the assault was taking place. Concerned for her mom, the teen girl stepped out and appears to have told the two attackers to leave.

Shockingly, they obliged, but not before Nathaniel did the unimaginable. Without warning, provocation, or reason, he decided to get in on the assault and punched the girl right in the face, knocking the child completely off of her feet. Just like that, they fled the scene, hoping to avoid facing any consequences for their crimes.

Too bad for them, things didn’t exactly work out that way after the footage spread across the country. Pretty soon, local news coverage was showing what the two had done to the Jeanette and her daughter as both of their faces were left bruised.

With pressure mounting to find the individuals responsible, the Smiths saw no other choice but to turn themselves in, which they eventually did. However, it seems that things have most recently taken a shocking turn, and it wasn’t in their favor.

Come to find out, the two thugs just got the perfect dose of justice that Jeanette and her daughter have long been waiting for. According to Breitbart, the Smiths have most recently each pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated assault and one count of cruelty to children.

Although they have yet to be sentenced for their crimes, Superior Court Judge Robert is set to do that rather quickly, and one can only hope that he locks these vile criminals behind bars to teach them a little lesson on social etiquette.

At the end of the day, we don’t get to just fly off the handle and assault anyone who ticks us off every time we get mad – and anyone who thinks that is acceptable has another thing coming. In fact, if punks like this can’t act in an acceptable manner in times like these, someone else will be forced to give them the metaphorical spankings their parents should have all those years ago.