FED UP: German Men Form Vigilante Group Against Migrant Sexual Attacks

German men are taking action. Spurred on by a coordinated sexual attack on New Year’s Eve by migrants across Cologne, Germany, men in neighboring Dusseldorf formed a vigilante group. Germany, which claims its willingness to take in over one million refugees, is now experiencing horrendous criminal acts committed by these migrants, and it looks like citizens are getting fed up.


Tensions between the German people and the migrants are reaching a breaking point. From a report by The Guardian on the New Year’s Eve crimes:

“Sexual crimes took place on a huge scale,” said the police president, Wolfgang Albers. “The crimes were committed by a group of people who from appearance were largely from the north African or Arab world.”

One investigator told the Kölner Express: “The female victims were so badly pushed about, they had heavy bruises on their breasts and behinds.”

One tweet attributed to a follower of Pegida, the anti-Islam, anti-immigrant protest group, stated: “Merkel … you’re an accessory to the abuse at Cologne.”

On Pegida’s Facebook page, a woman identifying herself as Angelina Southern got more than 500 likes for her comment: “I could puke when I read this, and there are still so many deluded idiots who say ‘Welcome refugees’ … Close the borders now. For God’s sake, Merkel belongs on the scaffold.”

Enter the new Dusseldorf is Watching group. The group started out on Facebook and is boasting over 4,000 followers. Equipped with a slogan “one for all, and all for one,” the Three Musketeers’ motto, the male vigilante group states their “desire to protect our ladies future.”

The Dusseldorf police are proclaiming vigilantism is never advisable, although they do recognize the frustration of the German people. Privately, many of the police are probably relieved to get some back-up.

The overwhelming nature of the migrants and their non-compliance with the German lifestyle is clashing with law-abiding civilizations. These migrants, also known as the Muslim refugees, believe Western women are open season.

The founder of the vigilante group is speaking out about their focus.

[T]he group founder insists vigilante justice or any kind of violence are not what the group is about. All they intend to do is be “present and attentive” at major public events and on weekend evenings. — via Breibart News

This type of vigilante citizens group may start to be a trend in Western Europe. The influx of the refugees throughout Europe is leading to a build up of tensions due to the refugees’ abhorrent behavior and lack of respect for Western values.

This is exactly why many Americans are not buying the need to bring hordes of refugees into the country. This is not racist behavior, it’s purely fact driven conclusions based on the experiences we are seeing in Europe.

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