Germany Orders Social Media Censorship, Facebook Caves In HUGE Way

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Facebook deals in the commodity of speech, and they invariably find themselves in positions in which they choose or are pressured to engage in the policing of speech. Many have strong suspicions that the Marxist Obama regime is wielding undue influence over social media. In doing so, they are often quite arbitrary in their determination of what is acceptable.

Liberal politics and the associated speech which targets American institutions, culture, patriotism, and traditions are never censored. The encroaching Islamic invasion of both America and Europe, as well as the corrupt criminal governments of Hussein Obama and the EU, are likewise untouchable. Conversely, individuals who defend traditional American values and ideals are invariably singled out for sanctions. These are daily occurrences common to many, if not most who defend freedom, our nation, and our values.

On Monday things intensified as Facebook initiated what they describe as a Europe-wide campaign against “extremist posts on social media.” Extremist in the operative definition means anyone who is opposed to having their homeland turned into an Islamic hellhole. Somehow, wanting to preserve your nation for your children and standing in opposition to tyranny is now considered extreme.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, knows she’s on the losing end of this fight, and she’s trying to shut the people up. She’s made a total mess of the entire continent and simply won’t be able to keep a lid on things for long. The resistance grows with every passing demanding invader; every rape, molestation, theft, robbery, assault, mugging, terrorist attack, or other negative event attributable to Merkel’s invading hordes. She can stifle the communications for only so long before the outrage reaches critical mass.

We recall the personal orders Merkel gave Mark Zuckerberg in September in New York to curb free speech at a UN luncheon. Later, in November, in a clear attempt to intimidate Facebook into compliance, Hamburg prosecutors launched an “investigation” to determine if Facebook was doing enough to combat “hate speech.”

Politicians routinely employ misleading, grand-sounding names to disguise the true nature of their actions. The Merkel jackboots must have played a role in naming the anti-free speech crackdown, erroneously dubbing it the “Initiative for Civil Courage Online.” It doesn’t take much courage to say, “Yes Ma’am, Herr Merkel,” while taking cover beneath a computer desk.

Zuckerberg caved in a big way by committing $109 million to fund a new censorship team to eliminate Merkel’s opposition, what they sanitize as “countering racist and xenophobic posts.”

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg obeyed Merkel’s dictates, declaring that hate speech “has no place in our society,” including on the Internet. She’ll decide what constitutes hate speech, but basically, if Merkel doesn’t approve, it’s hate.

Facebook announced on Friday that they have enlisted the services of the publisher “Bertelsmann” to monitor and delete what the company said will be racist posts on the German platform. The result will surely be that anti-German voices and invasion enabling will stand. All others are subject to censorship and removal.

Reuters reports that the German Justice Ministry has set up a task force with Facebook and other social networks and Internet service providers geared towards identifying “criminal posts” more quickly and taking them down.

That’s only going to fan the flames further, into a vibrant, brilliant Reichstag orange.