Germany Sings New Tune: ‘Refugees’ Must Go Home, But There’s One Problem

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Was the position by the German Chancellor to flood Europe with invading “Merkelites” from the Middle East and North Africa a premeditated and calculated decision by the EU and UN oligarchs? Did they fully expect the politically suicidal action to lead to downward pressure on her popularity but were confident it could be managed and reversed through corrective measures taken at the appropriate time? Was her struggle with diminishing popularity an accepted part of the plan, that while her support was eroding the damage to Europe was being done, the subversive populations were steadily increasing, and the impact becoming progressively irreversible. In the worst case the career and legacy of one politician is a small price to pay for global transformation but they’re the global controllers. They’ll save her and celebrate the new population seeding.

The time for that corrective action may now be upon Angela Merkel, as she appears to be in the initial stages of a backtrack on her public level of commitment to the influx of groping, assaulting savages intermingled with the occasional civilized, moral refugee.

On Saturday Merkel opted for a new tack, indicating that she expects those “refugees” from Syria and Iraq to return to their homelands once the fighting was over. In the Middle East, the fighting never really ends, at best it continues at a reduced level, with various rotating parties involved. Just how Merkel intends to define the end of hostilities is an open question, but only if she were serious about what she’s saying. It would be a simple matter to just never declare mission accomplished.

Merkel told a regional meeting of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania that most of the 1.1 million invaders had only been allowed to enter temporarily. She said, “We need … to say to people that this is a temporary residential status and we expect that, once there is peace in Syria again, once IS has been defeated in Iraq, that you go back to your home country with the knowledge that you have gained.”

Once ISIS is defeated could be a bit iffy as well, with many in the US predicting an extended decades-long battle. They’re also fond of reconfiguring themselves. How would she proceed if some split off into a new group? She’s talking nonsense, “pulling an Obama;” none of this will happen.

Merkel urged other European countries to offer more help “because the numbers need to be reduced even further and must not start to rise again, especially in spring.” How about you close the ports of entry, Chancellor, and turn people around? That would have a tremendous impact immediately on those entering the country as well as putting the brakes on new attempts; too effective?

Fabrice Leggeri, the head of Frontex, the EU’s border control or open borders division, quoted a UN estimate that another million “economic migrants” will make the same trip next year via the established routes of the Mediterranean and the Western Balkans. Same question, why not put up a big red stop sign?

Instead the gutless tool of global government declared, “It would be a big achievement if we could keep the number … stable.” Actually it will be a huge achievement if they can get away with peddling the same line of baloney for another year.

Merkel deviated markedly from her familiar stance as an oversized mushy speed bump in a stampede of subhumanity, advocating a new, more forceful stance regarding border protection, advocating that border guards shoot, if necessary, “at” any “migrants” attempting illegal entry.

They’re only truly migrants if they have a right or permission to pass over the territory in question. If they don’t, they’re invaders, trespassers, the enemy, any number of identity classifications which make lethal force an option.

Maybe Merkel is starting to hear some rumbling, and she figured out its time for that change in tactics, the sheep are ready for the second act.