WATCH: Ghetto She-Thugs Brawl At Pizza Joint When Late Night Order Goes All Wrong

Ghetto she-thugs start a vicious brawl in a pizza joint

Shocking footage has emerged of a vicious brawl which recently broke out between a bunch of combat ready ghetto she-thugs at a pizza joint, involving head locks, chair throwing, and hair pulling. The 2 a.m. out-of-control cat-fight was over something so ridiculous, only drunk degenerates would fight over it.

The furious customer and her violent entourage entered a pizza fast food joint on Queen Street and Broadview Ave in Toronto, Canada, and she initiated the fight when her pizza was allegedly taking too long and ended up being “late.” An innocent bystander, Paul Michael tells the news of how it all went down. “They didn’t call her to tell her it was ready so in the middle of the pizza joint, she started screaming how she wasn’t satisfied,” Michael said.

“She was making this big scene and then someone else said something and one person just started grabbing another. The big thing just started happening when she jumped over the counter and started throwing the chips on the floor. So everything just started going crazy, ” Michael said, according to The Star.

Michael did the twenty-first-century thing to do and pulled out his phone to record the incident. The video has since gone viral, reaching nearly 400,00 views. People love watching ghetto she-thugs fight each other over something as stupid as “late” pizza.

In the clip, you can see everyone starts to get involved, pushing each other, and holding people back, all over a pizza. Two girls cradle their precious pizza as they cower away from the escalating brawl, and staff pile over the counter presumably to try to break-up the fight. Things seem to have calmed down a little until a woman charges into a few people and tries to evict another person from the business. This proved to be a big mistake because it amped everyone back up again to continue their brawl.

One man is seen holding a pizza box high about his head as the crowd attempts to fight over it. Another girl is held back from throwing a chair that she picked up, and one food-fighter is even dragged by her hair. The bizarre fight makes it a little unclear as to what exactly they were fighting over other than a pizza being late.

Once the police were called, the fight finally simmered down. “Police said that approximately 10 people were involved in the fight, but there were no criminal charges laid,” Michael said, according to Daily Mail. As for the woman who made the original complaint, she did end up getting the pizza that she was yelling about, but she ended up throwing it on the floor.

This clip is just more proof of the societal decay which results from the typical liberal mindset. As the video looks like another episode of “Orange Is The New Black,” it is just another reminder that ignorant, welfare-loving people will do anything because they have been allowed to feel entitled. I’m not too sure why more than half the restaurant got involved, they should have just let the first few ghetto girls continue to make fools of themselves and get arrested.

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