Gillette In Trouble For Its Own ‘Toxic Masculinity’ For Act It Had Women Perform

After shaming men for “toxic masculinity,” Gillette has been exposed for hiding some sexism of its own. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Screenshot via YouTube)

Just days after releasing their “toxic masculinity” ad, Gillette is under fire for their own sexism and misogyny now that the brand has been exposed for what it had a group of young women do.

Earlier this week, Boston-based razor and personal care products company Gillette released a 2-minute ad bolstering the #MeToo movement. Instead of showing support for female victims, however, the brand dedicated the spot to denigrating men in an almost satirical short film calling out “toxic masculinity.” Along with portraying men as sex-crazed aggressors with no self-control, the commercial featured the majority of men promoting bullying and sexual harassment until a select few finally intervene.

Predictably, the popular hygiene brand intended for the ad to virtue-signal to its leftist base, hoping to gain credit for fighting the alleged patriarchy while simultaneously profiting from the benefits of our capitalist society. However, just as the social justice warriors at Gillette began reveling in the undue adulation perpetuated by the easily fooled, “woke” patriots quickly called out the company’s hypocrisy.

Gillette stereotyped men as being inherently sexist and misogynistic in the company’s latest 2-minute ad. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Soon after the smug, dog-whistling ad broke, conservatives noticed that as Gillette self-satisfyingly denounced “toxic masculinity,” they were hiding a heap of toxic masculinity commissioned by none other than their own brand. In fact, Gillette is directly guilty of the same misogyny and objectification of women as they claim to be fighting, bringing a whole new meaning to their slogan “The best a man can get.”

In response to its “toxic masculinity” ad, Gillette is being called out for forcing Grid Girls, who serve as nothing more than eye-candy on international race tracks, to wear the company’s name across the rears of their latex catsuits. As conservative personality Sydney Watson perfectly pointed out on Twitter, Gillette is shaming men for sexism while objectifying women on the side.

“Gillette must really love the #metoo movement,” Watson posted to Twitter along with a photo of the Gillette-Kruidvat girls displaying the company’s label on their backsides. “I think we should let them tell us how men should treat women.”

“Don’t forget – you can still put women in tight fitting jumpsuits, slap your logo on their butts AND fight toxic masculinity,” she added on Facebook.

The Kruidvat Grid Girls have been a staple of Formula One racing, walking the track before races and presenting the winners with bouquets and kisses. They are often seen wearing the catsuits and behaving like a stereotypical male fantasy, which Gillette exacerbated by strategically pasting the brand’s name across the women’s behinds.

Gillette-Kruidvat Grid Girls must wear skin-tight catsuits with the brand’s name strategically placed across their behinds. (Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

In addition to the backlash for its hypocritical virtue-signaling with one hand while using women as sex objects with the other, Gillette has procured a national boycott through its far-left message.

In addition to the backlash for its hypocritical virtue-signaling with one hand while using women as sex objects with the other, Gillette has procured a national boycott through its far-left message. At the time of this article’s publication, the video has a whopping 842k downvotes on YouTube as opposed to 428k upvotes. Additionally, the comments are overwhelmingly negative, showcasing that the commercial’s intent has likely backfired.

Although painting buxom females into skin-tight, plastic jumpsuits with your name branded into their buttocks is bad enough for any company that claims to be pro-woman, this is only the beginning of Gillette’s toxic masculinity.

According to The Guardian, Gillette’s parent company Procter & Gamble has employed the use of child labor in impoverished third-world countries to manufacture its brands’ products. In fact, the major corporation was found to have used children as young as 8 years old, subjecting them to outrageous work conditions.

In a 110-page report accompanied by a video, Amnesty alleged products sold by those companies were “tainted by appalling human rights abuses … with children as young as eight working in hazardous conditions.”

Young children revealed to Amnesty that they do not attend school and work grueling hours six days a week to keep up with the companies’ demands. Once exposed, Gillette’s parent company gave a seemingly scripted response, assuring customers that it will remedy the situation.

Another company, Procter and Gamble, said it had been “working with Wilmar to ensure they can remedy any potential human rights infringements in their supply chain.”

Despite its own hypocrisy, Gillette continued to self-congratulate, explaining that the company merely wishes to promote “respecting women through gender-equality,” as Fast Company writes.

“We weren’t trying to court controversy,” says Gillette brand director Pankaj Bhalla. “We were just trying to upgrade the selling line that we’ve held for 30 years–the Best a Man Can Get–and make it relevant. I don’t think our intention was to have controversy just for the sake of controversy.”

Gillette should have cleaned its own room before shaming half the population. Perhaps if Gillette is reminded of their own “toxic masculinity,” they’ll start with the sexism and misogyny promoted by their own brand instead of blaming the vast majority of their consumer base.

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