Man Finds ‘Gingerbread Treehouse’ In Woods, Horrified To Learn Its Sick Secret

While trekking through the woods in King County, Washington, a man stumbled upon a “gingerbread treehouse” in a remote area. After taking one look inside, he was left horrified to learn the sick secret that had been hidden within the peculiar structure for years.

 Man Finds ‘Gingerbread Treehouse’ In Woods, Horrified To Learn Sick Secret Hidden Inside
A stock photo of someone walking in the woods (left), the treehouse (right) (Photo Credit: Garrett Morrow/Pexels, FBI Seattle Field Office)

An employee at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had heard about an alleged “gingerbread treehouse” in Washington state’s Snoqualmie National Forest. After hearing the rumor, the curious DNR employee set out to find the building, which was said to be hidden deep in the woods.

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After six tries, the persistent explorer finally located the mysterious treehouse. However, he was left horrified to learn what was hidden inside. In fact, the unexpected discovery would begin a month’s long FBI investigation that led to the arrest of a disturbed man.

According to Seattle Times, the employee had “searched the forest on the western slope of the Cascade mountain range east of North Bend but failed to find any sign of the cabin that had long been talked about among hikers.” Finally, on his sixth try, he hit a stroke of luck when he spotted the elaborate “gingerbread treehouse” with a wraparound porch and glass windows.

However, it’s what he found inside that has caused all the controversy. Hidden within were framed photos of naked young girls and an envelope stuffed with more sexually explicit images of children.

The DNR employee immediately confiscated a couple of the images that were mounted on the walls in order to report what he had found to the King County Sheriff’s Office. Then, he later guided a detective through the woods until they reached the dark-brown cabin that was built 8-feet off of the ground.

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Eventually, the FBI became involved and began to test several seized items from the cabin for fingerprints and DNA. Thankfully, they received a tip that allowed them to use the license plate of a vehicle that was often spotted in the area, leading them to a man identified as Daniel Wood. When they compared his DNA to the samples found inside the cabin, it was a match.

 Man Finds ‘Gingerbread Treehouse’ In Woods, Horrified To Learn Sick Secret Hidden Inside
The “gingerbread treehouse” (Photo Credit: FBI Seattle Field Office)

When the investigators searched Daniel Wood’s condo, they were absolutely certain they had found the right guy. In fact, the search “turned up thousands of additional images, mostly of girls ages 8 to 12,” according to Pix 11. It seems that Wood has been flying under the radar for years as he had no criminal background up until this point.

Wood has since been charged with two counts of possession of depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. He has been issued a summons to appear in King County Superior Court for arraignment on March 26. The judge assigned to the case, Judge Mariane Spearman, has since ordered Wood to no longer have “any contact with minors without exception.”

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It is truly disgusting what this man was secretly doing in the woods. Thankfully, someone was willing to go the extra mile to locate the rumored “gingerbread treehouse,” inadvertently stumbling upon Wood’s sick secret. There’s no telling how many years he has been doing this. Hopefully, his horrifying secret was uncovered before he ever had a chance to act on his depraved desires and further victimize an innocent child.