Girl, 14, Found Naked In Bed With Older Man, But The Story Gets MUCH Worse

Pennsylvania police found a young teen girl naked in bed with an older man and were horrified as they learned more details about how they ended up there.

Jamie Silvonek and Caleb Barnes

Lehigh County prosecutors are working on a case after 14-year-old Jamie Silvonek and 20-year-old Caleb Barnes were found naked in bed together by police, following a grisly chain of events. The Huffington Post reported that a series of text messages between the two revealed they had an intimate relationship with one another and had plotted an act of pure evil.

When Jaime’s mother, 54-year-old Cheryl Silvonek, found out about the relationship between her daughter and Barnes, naturally she forbid her daughter from seeing him. Initially, the younger Silvonek and Barnes planned to convince her mother that he was just 16 years old, so she would allow them to continue seeing one another.

The ploy didn’t work, and when Barnes was on leave from the military, he went to see the young girl, who he allegedly believed to be 17 at the time. They had planned to go see a concert together, and the girl’s mother was supposed to drive them. However, the elder Silvonek didn’t believe the story about Barnes’ age, and she refused to do as they had planned.

Later in the day on March 15, the girl’s mother showed Barnes a photo of her passport to prove her age, and Jamie lost her cool, texting Barnes over a dozen times in under four minutes.

“SHE’S LYING ABOUT MY AGE,” a text read. “JUST DO [IT]” another read.

Barnes replied, saying that it’s impossible to fake a passport, but he ultimately was undeterred by her age.

“I love you. We can do this,” Jaime texted Barnes. “We’ll just drive her car then, right?”

Eventually, Jamie’s mother agreed to drive them to the show, but on the way back, an argument ensued in the car. The argument ended with Barnes repeatedly stabbing Jamie’s mother to death as the young girl looked on, but it was all part of their plan. The two had plotted to kill her mother ever since she found out Barnes’ true age, and even after he found out her age, he still agreed to go through with it.

The couple drove the victim’s car to the middle of the woods, then buried the body in a shallow grave. However, a neighbor saw the two in the woods and saw the blood smeared all over the windows, prompting them to call the police, who ended up finding the blood-soaked vehicle at Jamie’s home, where they found the two naked in bed together at 4 a.m.

Barnes admitted to the murder, and both have since been charged with homicide and conspiracy, which Jamie is old enough to be tried as an adult. Barnes also faces additional charges of abuse of a corpse and statutory rape.

According to WTNH, Jaime’s attorney, John Waldron, is trying to paint Barnes as the instigator to the entire incident, despite the many damning text messages sent by Jamie. Barnes was the “primary leader and manipulator” and “he’s the adult,” said Waldron.

“She’s just crying for her mom, saying she misses her mom,” Waldron said. “This is a child, who just turned 14. She’s in shock.”

A child or not, she seemed to know exactly what she was doing when she plotted to murder her mother in cold-blood. It’s hard not to blame this on today’s youth not being used to hearing the word no, even when it’s for their own good. She could have easily let this go, and she would still have her mother. Instead, she just couldn’t bear the thought of not getting what she wanted, so she killed her mother to get her out of the way.

Don’t get me wrong, Barnes has plenty of culpability in this too, and both need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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