Mom Thought Girl Was Having Bad Dream, Walks Into Living Nightmare

An Oklahoma mother awoke to the sound of her five-year-old daughter screaming in her bedroom. What seemed at first like the child had been in the midst of a bad dream would be the start of a living nightmare as soon as the mother rounded the corner into her little girl’s room.

Kyle Hancock pictured with victim’s home

The mom, identified only by the first name Lamanda, said she heard her daughter crying and went to check on her. That’s when she found a strange man on top of the girl, raping her. Lamanda launched into an attack on the rapist, 29-year-old Kyle Hancock, kicking and hitting him until he managed to get away through a window. But the hell he would put the mother and child through wasn’t over.

Since Hancock wasn’t known to the family, they only had his physical description to go off when reporting the rape to police officers. The assault hit the local news, and a manhunt was underway for the monster. An unnamed woman in the community recognized him from the news report, and he was tracked back to his apartment in Tulsa. Police nabbed the suspect there, who was with at least one other man at the time, and brought the rapist into custody, just hours after the rape.

According to News On 6, the arresting officer reported, “Kyle Hancock then told the male witness that he was the one that sexually assaulted the girl and that he stated to the witness, ‘I have a demon in me.’”

The 5-year-old girl wasn’t Hancock’s only victim. He admitted to sexually assaulting many others, including his friend’s children and relatives, but he had picked this particular girl at random because he didn’t want to put someone he knew through that torture.

Mom Thought Girl Was Having Bad Dream, Walks Into Living Nightmare
Victim’s mother, Lamanda

At trial this past week, Hancock put up a degrading show for the victim’s mother and the judge, requesting a moment of silence for his victims before going into a mock prayer and asking for the children’s forgiveness. He first tried to claim he committed the crime because he was drugged, then said maybe he had gone temporarily insane, before landing on a third lie that the family had framed him, despite the DNA evidence found in the little girl. The judge wasn’t accepting any of his disgusting excuses and handed down a massive sentence.

Hancock had begged for a minimum sentence of just 15 years behind bars to be cut short with accepting castration. Oklahoma is one of the few states in the nation to offer men convicted of sexual crimes chemical castration on subsequent offenses in lieu of longer sentences, so they aren’t physically able to create more victims of that nature. But the judge didn’t allow that for this pedophile. Instead, he slapped him with the strongest arm of the law, sentencing him to life in prison without parole, so he could hopefully experience first hand what it feels like to be someone’s victim.

This judge realizes what too many others do not — a child molester cannot be rehabilitated. Better than castration in these cases is the death penalty or a lifetime behind bars so they are permanently removed from society where they, and their dirty hands, don’t belong. Children in Oklahoma are safer today because this guy will never be able to prey on them again.

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