Girl’s ‘Sexy’ Pic BACKFIRES As Horrified Viewers See What’s In Background

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A photo is going viral across social media for all the wrong reasons after a girl decided to post what she thought was a “sexy” selfie. Unfortunately for her, the entire ordeal blew up in her face as viewers were left horrified to see what was in the background – and it is utterly disgusting.

A woman named Alyssa, from Louisiana, posts to Twitter – a lot. Not only does she like to share pictures of herself, she also shares the views of others that coincide with her own. As it turns out, a quick look at her feed quickly reveals that she’s a leftist supporter of gay rights who cannot stand Donald Trump.

Furthermore, she’s proven herself to be just like every other entitled leftist in the nation – an intolerant moron that thinks the only valid opinion in the world is her own. However, things aren’t exactly looking up for Alyssa as she most recently embarrassed herself to the max.

After releasing what she thought was a “sexy” picture back in late December, it has most recently gone viral – and not for the reason she had hoped. As seen in the image, her room is an absolute pig pen, and it left a great many viewers absolutely horrified as Mail Online shared a few reactions from social media:

Another poster called Nane said: ‘There’s literally a rat in her room.’

Tweeter Lechusa sarcastically quipped: ‘But ok, can you find Waldo?’

A poster called Nick was similarly unimpressed and tweeted: ‘How can you take a mirror pic like that knowing your room looks the way it does.’

Although she’s living it up in her 15 minutes of fame, it remains unclear if she knows that she’s more of a laughingstock than a famous model. Proving her cluelessness further, the entitled brat has since decided to use her newfound (and quickly fading) fame to try to leech a few bucks off her supporters.

According to her Twitter feed, Alyssa has most recently launched a Go Fund Me campaign in hopes of raising a whopping $10,000. Simply titled “Pay My Tuition & I’ll Clean My Room,” the pathetically desperate college student actually believes that people want to pay her for nothing more than her embarrassing viral picture.

Too bad for her, she’s seeing exactly how much she’s worth as she was only managed to raise a measly $65 through 3 donations before her campaign disappeared. Instead of big bucks, she’s received more negative comments to her page than donations with just a few reading:

“You mean you’ll use the money to buy yourself new shit that you can’t afford and try to ride these 15 seconds out? Yeah, no. Reported.”

“Dumb LAZY *ss b*tch. How many other full time students/workers manage to [clean] their place. This is pathetic, get a f*cking grip you dirty stank *ss.”

Sadly, Alyssa represents the brats of the left and doesn’t even see herself for what she really is – and entitled, lazy snob, looking for a handout. Liberals like to pretend that Trump supporters are the problem, but this woman, among a slew of others, continues to prove that if they want to address the real issues in our nation, they’re going to have to look in a mirror — and not just to take a selfie.