Girl Takes In Muslim Migrant So He Won’t Be Deported, IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

Woman Takes In Muslim Migrant So He Won't Be Deported, Gets BRUTAL Thanks
Lauren Mann was a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her, but her own liberal beliefs unfortunately got the best of her.

A bleeding-heart American nanny wasted no time in welcoming in a Muslim migrant, who had raped an underage girl, in a liberal effort to save him from being deported. However, immediately after she gave him shelter in her apartment, he showed her just how grateful he was — providing the ultimate proof that leftist immigration policies don’t work.

Lauren Mann, a 25-year-old nanny from Grand Junction, Colorado, had moved a few years ago to Vienna, Austria, to discover the vibrant, exciting life that lay ahead of her. Unfortunately, this was all cut short after the young progressive decided to put her beliefs into practice about “open borders.”

After meeting 24-year-old Abdou I., an illegal immigrant from Gambia, Mann’s kind heart got the best of her, and she offered the migrant a room in her home to help him escape the justice system that sought to send him back home. That’s exactly when she realized what a huge mistake it is to assume the flood of migrants are simple war victims attempting to make a better life for themselves.

NBC News reports that Mann was found half-naked, face-down on a mattress at her apartment on January 26 in a pool of her own blood. Investigators confirmed that her death was by “suffocation,” and ruled that is was no accident but a homicide. Of course, Abdou was nowhere to be found.

Woman Takes In Muslim Migrant So He Won't Be Deported, Gets BRUTAL Thanks
Mann was found half-naked, face-down in a pool of her own blood in her apartment. Of course, her migrant “roommate” was already on his way to Switzerland.

It didn’t take long for police to track down Abdou, who was unsurprisingly attempting to blend in with the refugees at an asylum center in Bern, Switzerland, according to the Daily Mail. He was immediately arrested and is being held as the sole suspect in Mann’s murder, for which police claim they have “concrete evidence.”

“We have handed in an extradition request at a Vienna court,” Nina Bussek, spokeswoman for the Austrian State Prosecutor, told Daily Mail Online. “Whether they have made a formal request by the Swiss authorities yet I can’t say, but the request has been made by our office to have the suspect handed over to Austrian police.”

This indicates that if Sweden chooses to adhere to their progressive policies, they could potentially do exactly what Mann had already accomplished, helping him avoid justice. This protection of migrants is a dangerous bias that bases its reasoning on the sole fact that these foreigners are just that — foreigners.

Local Austrian media confirmed that Mann had taken in the released child rapist, hoping that she could keep him from being deported. Her compassion, however, was nothing more than fickle emotion preyed upon by the leftist movement.

Woman Takes In Muslim Migrant So He Won't Be Deported, Gets BRUTAL Thanks
Mann is yet another victim of the left’s “open borders” agenda, which preys on the compassion and ignorance of many.

Krone reports that police already knew that Abdou raped a little girl in Germany, but it’s unclear why they never sought his arrest until he continued his savagery in Austria.

When the mainstream media first began reporting on the horrific incident in January, they confirmed that the police had few leads and “had no specific suspect.” But now that police have the suspected murderer in custody, the MSM has fallen eerily silent. This can only be because it tears apart the progressive movement.

Gambia’s population is 90 percent Muslim, and although it is not one of the typical Islamic countries sending over refugees and migrants, the results are exactly the same. In every European nation that’s welcoming in these invaders, they are seeing the constant molestation, rape, and murder of the very people who defend them. But you’ll never hear these details from the mainstream media.

It’s easy to shake one’s head and write this off as another moronic liberal who unfortunately got a brutal dose of her own backwards agenda, but it’s more than that. This beautiful young woman has been played by the left, who sees naivety and compassion as a vehicle to which they can hitch their unapologetic agenda.

Our young people are doing the bidding of a socialistic party that seeks to implement a liberal dystopia under the guise of feel-good labels. Convinced that everyone is as accepting as them, they have been fooled into carrying out the demise of their own future.

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