Girl Upset She Can’t Get A Date, Guys RUN When They Learn What’s In Her Pants

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A Virginian named Claire is rather upset and has since came forward to talk about it in quite the strange documentary. Explaining that she’s frustrated with daily life, things only get worse once she reveals what’s in her pants – and that’s always when guys take off running in the other direction.

Claire is actually a transgender woman. In other words, “she” is actually a man. He may like to play dress up and may even have a mental disorder where his brain tells him he’s a woman, but he’s got all the parts to prove what he’s male.

However, it seems that Claire is actually kind of an entitled prick. Not only does he hold his views to the highest standard, but he wants to complain about everyone who doesn’t feel the same. In fact, his story is being told in a documentary called Young, Trans, and Looking for Love, where he whines about guys not dating him once they learn he has a penis. I know, absurd – right? (Please, for the love of God, note the sarcasm here.)

Trans Girl Mad That Guys Wont Dater Her Because Of Penis
Claire was born a male (Photo Source: Mirror)

In fact, a trailer shows Claire trying to pick up a few guys, but things go exactly how you’d expect. According to Mirror:

One boy even asks: “We should hook up sometimes.”

Another says: “So I should put you in here [his phone] as ‘beautiful’?”

The boys, who were originally attracted to Claire, did not call after finding out that she is trans.

“That’s it, silence,” says Claire. “Like nothing from them again.”

However, the situation is only made worse by Claire’s comments made afterwards in reflection of the incident. “In a lot of ways, I don’t like telling a guy. Once I tell him, all respect goes out of the window,” he says. “Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts.”

Wait. So you’re telling me that a guy learns that the person he was talking to lied, saying he was a girl, and actually has a penis and that the other guy got upset at this? Tell me it isn’t so! (Once again with the sarcasm here.)

Trans Girl Mad That Guys Wont Dater Her Because Of Penis
Claire (left) and her friend at the beach trying to pick up guys (Photo Source: Mirror)

In all reality, this proves there’s a serious problem going on here. Claire – who is pretending to be a girl – is supposedly straight. After all, she’s looking to date men and is only interested in someone with male body parts. Claire sounds like a hypocrite.

You don’t get the best of both worlds. You can’t just pick and choose which laws of reality you want to ignore and those which you want to oblige. You can’t lie to someone and get mad at them when they find out the truth and want nothing to do with you. This is completely ridiculous on all levels and actually goes to prove the real problem here. Sadly, the left is only making this situation worse by encouraging it. It should be looked at as exactly what it is – a mental disorder.