Girl Woke By Partner ‘Snoring,’ HORRIFIED To Turn & See What’s Inches Away

Girl Woke By Partner ‘Snoring,’ HORRIFIED To Roll & See What’s Inches Away
Lisa Lee was mad when her boyfriend woke her up with his snoring, but she would be left in horror after turning over and seeing what was just inches away

A woman was recently jolted awake in the middle of the night to what she thought was her boyfriend snoring. Unfortunately, things would take a horrid turn when she rolled over to make sure that he was alright – and that’s when she was left in utter shock to see what was just inches away.

Lisa Lee and her boyfriend, Lewis Little, lived in Northumberland, a county in North East England, with their young son, but everything most recently fell apart. It all started when the two went to bed for the night, and Lisa was later awakened.

Thinking that Lewis was snoring, she was shocked to hear him being so loud and decided to turn over and make sure everything was alright. Sadly, it wasn’t, as Mail Online reports that the snoring sound Lisa “heard was actually the air leaving [Lewis’s] body and passing through the vocal chords.”

Girl Woke By Partner ‘Snoring,’ HORRIFIED To Roll & See What’s Inches Away
Lisa Lee, Lewis Little, and their son

“When we were in bed, I just thought he was snoring, so I kicked him out of the bed and told him to shut up,” Lisa later recalled. “But I felt that the sheets were wet and knew something was wrong. I turned the lights on and his face was purple — he wasn’t breathing.” Just like that, the horrified woman saw that he was dead.

Come to find out, Lewis had actually died from Brugada Syndrome, a rare condition that causes an abnormal heartbeat. Although the family knew of the existing condition, just one year earlier, they had been reassured by doctors that Lewis was expected to live a “long and healthy life.”

After explaining that “losing Lewis has destroyed me and our son Tyler,” Lisa went on to say that she has since made it her mission to ensure it doesn’t happen to other families. In fact, she is now a strong advocate for what is known as an internal defibrillator, also known as an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD).

Girl Woke By Partner ‘Snoring,’ HORRIFIED To Roll & See What’s Inches Away
Lewis and Lisa

Surgically placed inside the body, the device is able to restart the heart should it ever stop. “I believe being fitted with an ICD would have saved my partner’s life,” she said. “I want people with the same condition to have the choice, low risk or high, to have an ICD fitted.”

Our health is nothing that any of us should put to the test, yet people seem to do it all the time — and often not by their own choice but that of doctors, insurance companies, or socialized healthcare as was the case with Lewis. When it comes to your life, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s better to have control of those decisions yourself.

This child will now have to grow up without a father, all because a doctor had to follow the policies outlined by England’s public health service, the National Health Service, which must have thought that it wasn’t necessary and that this wouldn’t happen to this man.

If there’s something that can be done, it should be – leaving it up to chance only results in more people leaving this life quicker than they should. Unfortunately, with socialized medicine, the choice isn’t yours to make. There’s something to be said about getting what you pay for, and things that are “free” still come with a price.

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